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Home based system, easy to use


Effectiveness may vary from one person to another


If you have a mild condition of pale or stained teeth, you may go ahead and try the Bella Dental Whitening System.

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Bella Teeth Whitening System from Bella Labs
Bella Teeth Whitening
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Bella Teeth Whitening Review - Here's What We Discovered...

Teeth Whitening is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that helps to improve the shade of your teeth, remove stains, and enhance your smile. Bella Teeth Whitening System is a home based procedure that eliminates the need to visit a cosmetic dentist and go through a complicated and expensive treatment process. Bella Labs, the company that sells this home based system, claims that you can achieve similar results with it what you can expect from a professional dental bleaching procedure.


The cost of the Bella Teeth Whitening System is considerably cheaper than what an average dentist would charge for the same procedure. The procedure is non-invasive and simple to perform at home. This product is extremely convenient, particularly to people who are hesitant about visiting a dentist, or who have very busy work schedules. The results with Bella teeth whitening can be seen in as little as six days. The outcome is that you can expect your teeth to become whiter by up to six shades.

Even if you have very stubborn stains, including tea, coffee, and tobacco stains, Bella Labs claims that its system works on all of them. Another unique advantage of this system, which the average dental bleaching systems do not offer, is that its daily application can help to break down plaque before it hardens into tartar. Tartar can lead to dental decay, and create tough and visible stains as well on your teeth. Bella Labs says that this teeth whitening system helps in keeping the tartar at bay and prevents tartar from gaining a stronghold on all your teeth or any of your teeth.

How does it work?

Bella Labs professional teeth whitening system uses a safe and effective chemical concentrate to remove stains and make the teeth brighter and whiter. The chemical whitening applicator breaks down and removes the plaque. At the same time, it scrubs and polishes the teeth. The result is that after a few applications you will experience a whiter, healthier, and brighter smile.

Private Information

Most dental whitening systems are based on hydrogen peroxide solutions, and the degree of concentration may vary from one system to another. However, Bella Labs does not disclose the chemical details on its official website. This seems to be propriety and should not alarm anyone. Their product can possibly be duplicated if they revealed this information. They are not the only company that wants to keep a secret; governments and corporations all have information they want to keep close to their chest for obvious reasons.


The price of Bella teeth whitening system from the company is as follows:

1 package @ $49.95
3 packages @ $99.95
6 packages @ $149.95


If you have sensitive teeth or gums, do not use over the counter teeth whitening products such as Bella teeth whitening. It is always advisable to consult your dentist before using such cosmetic dental products.

Date Reviewed: November 1, 2011, 1:34 am
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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