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Riveting Plot and immersive game environment The gameplay keeps you guessing The RPG elements added gives the game a fresh setting


You do need a high end PC to truly experience the richness of the graphics. PC game is known to have a few glitches though patches are available


All in all, if you want a game that gives you something new, a game that makes you feel and a game which you wish would never end. This is it.

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Bioshock PC from 2K Games
Bioshock PC Game
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Hardly do you find a game that has a feel to it. This is one of those games that sticks in your head even after you have finished it.

Bioshock belongs to the survival-horror FPS genre with a few RPG elements added to it. Other games that fall into this categories include Resident Evil, S.T.A.L.K.E.R series etc. However, you wouldn't get a game as fresh as this. The story takes place in the early 60's around a plane crash survivor named Jack. 

Quickly without giving much of the story away, as  expected in a survival horror genre,Jack meets zombies (called splicers in this series) and he must fight his way through. Important characters in this setting also include as is evident from the game poster: Little sisters (the little girl) and big Daddies(the man in diver's suit).

 In addition to guns, you are provided with Plasmids (let's say kind of like super powers). The addition of these plasmids is what gives the game the feel to it, as there can be numerous ways you can bring your enemy down...say like: freeze him and crush, electrocute in water, use telekeniesis etc.

However, what's interesting in this game is the morality based story-line: meaning the game may change based on the decisions you take. 

These decisions do not involve long speeches as in other RPG games like Deus EX, Oblivion etc.
I wouldn't want to give much of the story myself because it is something for the players to discover themselves.

What's gripping about this game is the level of detail it is presented with. it takes you to an entirely different setting standing firmly on the shoulders of a unique and strong plot. The setting is an underwater city, where there is no bar on technological innovations. However things fall out of control and you end up with its inhabitants getting mutated.

That is how you end up getting plasmids. Elements of the stories are revealed through events in the game itself, such as you can listen to two splicers talking or you may pick up diaries left by the inhabitants before they were zombie-fied.

It is all  is up to you to find out.The plot revolves around an Objectivist philosophy, something you would understand if you have read any of Ayn Rand's books. If you did, you will feel a strong connection between the two. 

There are many positive aspects to the game as :The way splicers attack you is not cliched. I would say that the game may get frightening at times. You need to use your brains as well. This is not a hit and run game. If you expect the game to be like that you might get stuck at certain levels.

The various permutation that you can make with your plasmids and gun is intriguing. As you play, the more of the story is revealed, the more you will be pulled in by it. Be aware of the Little sisters (Why did I say that?.....Gosh!!!) I can assure  you that there will be certain moments in the game that will make you gasp and make you think.

Due to such strong elements in the game, only a mature gamer would be able to get the feel of it.

Though a PC with decent specs is enough to get the game up and running I's suggest getting good graphics card to enjoy the richness of it graphics.  With its dystopian setting the game has a movie-ish feel to it.

I am a movie buff myself, heck and I still wonder why they have not made it into a movie yet. Rumours source that talks are in progress for the film to be directed by Gore Verbinski (POTC series). Let's just keep our fingers crossed and expect them to do justice to this wonderful masterpiece.

Date Reviewed: June 28, 2012, 11:01 am
Reviewed by AntoAnish
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