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positive reviews for Blu's e liquids and pretty soon Blucigs will be everywhere making it easier on the consumer


complaints center around custmoer service and battery life


Two thumbs up! Blucig is one of the most popular brands and they will be more and more available.

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Blucigs e cigarettes from blucigs.com
Blucigs E Cig On The Rise
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BluCigs Review - E Cig on the Rise

Business is Blu-ming:

Love em or hate em, Blu cigs are here to stay! Few E-cigs are as ubiquitous in mainstream media as Blu and from the standpoint of growing their business, they're making all the right moves. According to Marketwatch, "In the past four months alone, blu has gone from selling solely online to making it's products available at over 10,000 retail locations nationwide." Marketwatch also offers this amazing statistic: Blu Cigs' online sales are up a whopping 70% from last year! This is just the beginning of Blu Cigs' massive expansion.

They've been a featured gift in the gift bag at the Kentucky Derby and the Grammy awards and have partnered with VH1 and The Hard Rock Cafe. They've been featured in The New York Times, the LA Times and magazines like Adweek, Fast Company and Wired. Getting the picture? 

So what does this mean for you, the consumer?

With all the fly by night companies popping up online you never quite know whether the company you purchase from this week will even be in business next week! Not so with Blu. Be assured, Blu is on the road to ubiquitous availability.

What do you mean by love em or hate em?

If you've done any research you may have noticed mixed reviews on Blucigs. The most frequent complaint is around customer service, but the blucig battery takes it's share of hits as well. Part of this is due to their rise in popularity and part is due to aggressive marketing that can lean too far towards hype. Here's my take on what's happening:

1. Major growth, quickly: As mentioned above Blu CIgs is tearing it up in terms of popularity and with growth comes growing pains. Blu Cigs probably needs to expand their customer service department to handle the degree of growing demand for their product. 

2. Battery Life Expectations: This is a big issue. Most newcomers (and even long time users) want their e cigarette to look like a real cigarette. The challenge for manufacturers is finding a battery small enough to fit the size criteria, yet powerful enough that it doesn't need frequent recharging. 

Striking an honest balance:

Blu Cigs needs to manage new customers' expectations better. In a market place rife with competition, it can be tough to balance encouraging people to buy your brand and painting a fair picture of the product, but in the end if people get the whole picture they are generally  accepting. The fact is, the battery issue is not unique to Blu. It's a consistent challenge with e cigs that look like cigarettes. Here are a couple of options for dealing with that:

a. All Blu starter kits come with both a wall charger and USB charger so you just need to keep on top of monitoring the system (the battery indicator on the side of the pack makes that easy.) But if you're concerned about battery life because you want to make sure you get your nicotine when you want it, I recommend the Premium kit with improved technology, to cover your bases.

b. At some point you may decide to move on from products that look like cigs and get something bigger in size that delivers better vapor and stays charged longer. Even when you do this you'll likely want to have a kit like the Blu on hand for public vaping. If you're not bothered by vaping on something bulkier I recommend the Lavatube at Volcanocigs. The Lavatube is very popular among established e cig vapers frequenting the forums and it's gaining popularity internationally (One of UK's top 10 new products of 2011.)

Positive reviews for BluCigs e-liquid:

Blu's e juice is one place reviewers have consistently positive things to say. Blu Cigs juice ingredients are 100% made in the USA so you never need to worry about quality control (same holds true for Volcanocigs e liquid, fyi) The e liquid is a very important feature on an e cig. Aside from the obvious taste concern, the way it's produced will have an effect on how much vapor and what kind of throat hit you get.

So what's the upshot?

If you're looking for an e cig that looks like the real thing I'd definitely give Blu a try. They're one of the most popular kits out there and even if you trade up for bigger gear for at home use, you'll want to have a carry around pack to be social with in public. Blu Cigs will also be easier to get replacement parts for as time goes on and their expansion continues.

Whatever you decide, congrats on considering e cigarettes as an alternative to smoking. It's a miraculous invention and amazing that smokers finally have some choice!!

To check out Blucigs CLICK HERE.

Date Reviewed: February 12, 2012, 9:04 am
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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