BodyMedia FIT CORE Band
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BodyMedia FIT CORE Band From: BodyMedia

Very light, unobtrusive and easy to use; discreetly tracks your calorie burn.

It's not always accurate when it comes to counting calories.

It's an essential buy for anyone who wants to diet.

Find Out What a Real User Has to Say About the BodyMedia FIT CORE Band

Though its calorie-burning function isn't always accurate, the BodyMedia FIT CORE Band can help people track their total calorie burn and intake without much fuss or difficulty--and its recent endorsement by Jillian Michaels doesn't hurt either. It also tracks much more: Aside from its calorie-counting feature, it also comes with a built-in pedometer and the ability to track your total sleep time. Here is my review.

  • Small and light; not obtrusive
  • Discreetly tracks your calorie burn
  • One charge lasts for a couple of days

  • Calorie burn feature isn't always accurate
  • Must pay for a subscription to view data


30 percent smaller than its previous model, the BodyMedia FIT CORE band is very lightweight, weighing in at a mere 4 ounces. The device itself also is very comfortable to wear, and features an adjustable arm strap to keep the device snug--but comfortable--against the back of your arm, where you'll need to wear it for optimal calorie tracking. For simplicity's sake, the BodyMedia FIT CORE band only contains one button on the top of the device, which is used to see the status of its battery charge--from fully charged (green) to low on battery life (orange).

Overall, this device is comfortable to wear, adjust, and use; it never got hot or irritated the skin.

How it Works

The BodyMedia FIT CORE band works similarly to a pedometer--simply wear it on your arm all day; it automatically tracks your steps, calories burned, and even how many hours of sleep you get through its discreet program, which comes automatically installed inside the BodyMedia FIT CORE band. Little set-up is required on your part, aside from charging the band up after initially receiving it.

Unfortunately, should you want to view the data this device records, you'll need to go a step further--by installing the BodyMedia FIT tracking service, which shows you how many calories you've burned, how many hours you've slept, the amount of physical activity, and how many steps you've taken in your local web browser. Even worse news: It's not free, and you'll need to a pay a subscription fee to access this data ($6.95 per month). You can access this data by plugging a USB cord into your device, which then connects to the computer and automatically accesses the data.

My Thoughts

As a long-time owner of the BodyMedia FIT CORE band, I think it's an excellent device, though it could use some improvements. Charging the band is super easy--simply plug it into the computer via USB device for an hour or so--and it's a comfortable device to wear for hours or days. Sometimes I forgot I was even wearing it--it's really that comfortable.

Where the BodyMedia FIT faltered was in its ability--or inability--to record certain exercises correctly. It seems to be super-sensitive when it comes to recording any type of cardio-based activity, such as walking or just moving around more during the day. Unfortunately, it seems to have trouble recording activities that are not cardio-based, such as weightlifting, which is an activity I do frequently as a powerlifter. Though I was sweating, working hard, and gasping for breath during regular one-hour sessions throughout the week, the BodyMedia FIT CORE band recorded it as being as intense as a gentle walk--and therefore it registered a low calorie count. It also didn't record how long I exercised correctly; it often said I exercised for 20 minutes while weightlifting when in actuality I had been exercising for an hour.

My only other complaint is that its subscription service is unfair--not allowing you to see your calorie data without committing to a monthly subscription fee. Though the monthly subscription fee doesn't seem like much, over a year it can cost nearly as much as the actual device ($83.40). Although I love the device and love how it keeps tracks of my calorie burn (good for dieting), I am just not happy with its subscription service and inability to track non-cardio based activities accurately.   Quick suggestion: For better calorie tracking and weight management, I recommend pairing this with a wi-fi scale, such as the Withings Wi-Fi scale.
Date Reviewed: May 28, 2012, 6:49 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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