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Boer Goat Profits Guide Review
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"Boer Goat Profits Guide" by Marc MacDonald - REVIEW

Have you ever driven past a farm gate and done a double take?

What are those unusual creatures grazing in the fields? Llamas? Alpacas? Rather large (but friendly-looking) goats?

It's all in the name of diversification, and - of course - profits. And the next big name on the list is Boer Goats.

The Boer Goats Profit guide by Marc MacDonald will tell you all about this new breeding stock. 'Don't even think about raising Boer goats until you read this guide,' he says.

Because raising animals for a living might seem to be a lovely way to spend your time (if you have the land of course) - and it's this kind of impractical dreaming that can get you into trouble.

Have you thought about marketing? Fencing? (goats need a lot of it). Breeding? Vets bills? 

And that's just the start of it. 

Marc approaches this huge topic through detailing the stories of six successful Boer goat farmers who share the proven techniques of their operations, including how they made a profit.

'The surest way to increase your farm income without spending years making mistakes and losing money,' he says.

Well no one wants to do that, for sure!

According to Marc, demand for goat meat is high and expected to increase. This is because of a lack of supply - most goat meat consumed in North America is imported from Australia.

Boer Goats are big business, apparently.

He makes more tempting claims: the Boer Goat industry is '100% recession proof' and highly profitable (if you do it right).'

And Boer Goats Profit Guide is all about doing it right.

There are many advantages to raising these animals, according to Marc. They are hardy, adaptable animals; fast growing; good breeders & milkers that grow full and healthy and gain weight well.

But this isn't enough information to invest hard-earned cash on breeding stock - you need specific information about the realities of raising Boer goats.

Marc claims to have gathered this via interviews with six successful breeders and the detailed answers they gave to the questions which may now be gathering in your mind.

For example: What types of vegetation do Boer goats thrive on? How many goats should I start with? Where should I buy them from and what kind of diseases or health problems might I face?

Marc's guide is the result of 'grilling' experts for answers. 

'You'll hear real Boer Goat farmers tell you what's involved in running a boer goat farming business to generate a full time income,' he says.

For $47 you can get really solid answers to your most pressing questions.

Now one thing is true - from independent sources it is clear that raising Boer Goats can be a profitable business.

'Around here about the only thing breeders are making good profit on are Boer Goats,' said one farming forum user.

And it's also true that there is a demand for goat meat. 'The demand for goat meat has always been extremely high here in the U.S.A,' said another.

So Marc is definitely on to something.

And review websites agree that the guide is valuable.

'Nothing else I have seen matches this comprehensive package to help you get started – and to help you quickly scale up,' said one. 'I recommend it as an excellent resource for starting your own successful money-making Boer goat farm.'

But others warn that a generic guide like this does not address crucial specifics.

'The first and most important thing for you to consider is your target market,' said one article. Who are you going to sell too and how? He also advised to consider costs carefully - fencing for example, and labor.

And unfortunately I couldn't find any independent reviews of this product.

However that is no reason to doubt the content. Reviewers agree that the Boer Goats Profits Guide is 'a versatile, feature-packed product that’s also extremely easy to use' and that 'the quality of content has improved immensely.'

So if you are looking for an introduction to the Boer Goats world then this could be for you. It could help you decide whether (and how) to go forward. But I'm sure Marc MacDonald would agree that there is always more to running a business then reading a book!
Date Reviewed: February 29, 2012, 1:45 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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TrendersProof I'm into Boer goats and there's no question about that. This guide would be handy then when the right time comes! Thanks Jackie... TrendersProof Rating
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