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Saves you a great amount of time with an automated system of link submission to social bookmarking sites, regular updates of the software without extra charges, 60 day money back guarantee


No guarantee that a Social Bookmarking site will accept the submission, the program does not include any link building or SEO tips


If you need an automated tool to increase your website’s page rankings, consider Bookmarking Demon software. This system is especially useful for affiliate marketers with multiple sites.

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Bookmarking Demon Review
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Bookmarking Demon REVIEW - Social Bookmark Submission Software

Promoting your website on search engines is one of the toughest challenges you face in your Internet marketing business. Social bookmarking your website is one of the innovative ways to get noticed by the search engines and improve your page rank. A large number of social bookmarking websites are available on the Internet that are visited by millions of people who are searching for information. If your website is bookmarked at such sites, it will receive a high exposure and your site will start receiving higher traffic.

The bigger advantage is that search engines prefer websites that have a lot of “bookmark links” because it means the website is useful to a lot of people who may have bookmarked it. You can manually visit such social bookmarking sites to link your website, but this can be a hugely time consuming job. This is where Bookmarking Demon comes in. This software automates the process of bookmarking your website on all the leading social bookmarking sites. This can produce high quality backlinks to your site, which improves the value of your site so far as the search engines are concerned.

A Splendid Combination

If the search engines are cordial to your website then your website will most likely receive more visitors and traffic. This is good for business. Doing what the search engines like is a smart way to improve the rankings of your website. How much time you spend on doing this is entirely up to you. But with this product, your time can be mitigated and your website can benefit anyhow. An ideal combination.

How does Bookmarking Demon help you?

Bookmarking Demon will categorize your bookmarks automatically into different “tags”. This means you will receive relevant and targeted traffic of visitors who are searching within the particular tag. Such visitors will click on your bookmark link and will reach your website. One-way backlinks generated by Bookmarking Demon for your site are one of the strongest factors that work in your favor with the search engines.

The higher the number of backlinks to your site, the better will be your site’s evaluation within the search engine algorithms. If your site includes Adsense, you can expect a growth in the number of Adsense clicks, and improve your revenues. As an affiliate marketer, you can boost your affiliate commissions over a period of time due to a greater flow of targeted traffic to your site.
Regular Updates

Before you choose an automated site bookmarking system, you should know that some of the top social bookmarking sites have stringent standards against spam. They periodically update their systems to ensure spam and automated submissions do not clog their system. Therefore, unless your social bookmarking system is updated regularly, it may be rendered useless after a short period of time.

Bookmarking Demon will provide you with regular updates as necessary to ensure that you can keep submitting your site automatically to various social bookmarking websites. Bookmarking Demon does not charge any monthly or annual fee for such service. It charges a one-time payment, and you will get access to a lifetime of updates for free.


Bookmarking Demon is sold at a price of $147. The software program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

What are others saying?

Actual users as well as third party reviewers largely have a good opinion about Bookmarking Demon. The reviewer at says: “Bookmarking Demon is a tool designed to help you make the most out of social bookmarking in the least amount of time. It is all about saving you time while providing you with much better results than you would get by doing everything manually.”

Another reviewer at justifies the seemingly high price of the system: "The price of the system is worth it especially if you bookmark multiple items regularly. The $147 is small compared to the amount of money and time you will save in the long run."

An actual user at provides a few tips about maximizing value with Bookmarking Demon: “The most effective way of creating the most backlinks with Bookmarking Demon is to create as many accounts as you have time to do, and submit only a few of your own urls in one run. Also, be sure to use the rss feed option in the settings of expert mode, to include urls that are not your own sites, so you don't get banned by the bookmarking website webmaster. That is one really nice feature of Bookmarking Demon.”

Date Reviewed: January 15, 2012, 12:19 pm
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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