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The methods are simple and easy to implement into your daily life.


Many of its methods aren't scientifically proven; one method may even potentially increase a woman's risk for breast cancer.


Proceed with caution--many of the book's methods aren't scientifically proven to work.

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Boost Your Bust from Jenny Bolton
Boost Your Bust Review
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"Boost Your Bust" by Jenny Bolton - REVIEW

So perhaps you're not happy with the size of your breasts.  Perhaps they're too small--not enough to fill out a swimsuit or a tight-fitting shirt.  You may notice women who are better-endowed than you get more attention from men, and generally look more attractive wearing tight clothing.

Why can't that be you?

For decades, the only two solutions for breast enhancement were surgery or gaining weight.  Not everyone has $10,000 lying around to afford breast enhancement surgery, and most women definitely don't want to get fat just to have bigger breasts.

But Jenny Bolton, the expert behind the eBook Boost Your Bust, says you don't have to undergo surgery or get fat to have bigger breasts.  In fact, she says she has an all-natural solution for making them bigger--but you'll only find out by reading her eBook.
Well, this review reveals what these secrets are.

What is Boost Your Bust?

Boost Your Bust is the aptly named eBook written by Jenny Bolton, a woman who too struggled with small breasts.  After researching the topic herself, she found a solution that was completely natural, cheap, and most importantly of all, safe.

The solution?  Estrogen.

Bolton reveals in her eBook that the #1 key to breast enhancement is estrogen, the hormone that makes us female.  It's essential for menstruation, for the widening of our prepubescent hips--and for the development of our breasts.  We experience the effects of estrogen first hand during puberty, but puberty doesn't go on forever.  It eventually stops, and we stop maturing, usually around the age of 18.

Bolton proposes a way to keep estrogen levels high: By consuming herbs rich in phytoestrogens, such as dandelion root and butea superba.  Take these herbs and she promises you'll gain 1-2 cup sizes.

But this isn't her only solution to enhancing your breast size.  She also recommends non-herbal ways to make them bigger, such as using weight training exercises to enhance the pectoral muscles (they're the muscles behind the breasts) and massaging them in a circular motion to make them grow.  She even lists ways to make your breasts look bigger by changing how you wear your clothes, such as wearing stripes and using thicker padded bras.

Though you won't get any extra freebies with the purchase of Boost Your Bust, you'll receive the eBook instantly via download after paying for the eBook.

Issues with Boost Your Bust

The main issue with Boost Your Bust is the lack of scientific information--the assertion that certain exercises or herbs can somehow increase breast size, when has never been proven.  Several health organizations have even said specifically that herbs cannot increase breast size.  Sandhya Pruthi, M.D., an internist for the Mayo Clinic, says there is no scientific evidence proving the efficacy of such herbs, and in a frightening twist, it may even increase your risk for breast cancer.

This is a potentially worrying issue.

What the Customers are Saying

Despite the eBook being quite popular on the Internet, its customers haven't said what they think about the eBook.  Some of them have mentioned liking the massage, however--one woman said "...it works perfectly and does no harm to my very sensitive breasts!!"


After reviewing everything--the customer feedback, the scientific data, advice from experts--Boost Your Bust is an eBook that raises many questions about its effectiveness and safety.  While it cannot be said with absolutely certainty that these methods are dangerous, there is the risk that phytoestrogens can raise the risk of cancer, which are found in many of the book's recommended herbs.

Final word: Be careful, and ask for a doctor's advice before using the methods in the eBook.
Date Reviewed: February 24, 2012, 2:39 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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