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Straightens hair while making it soft; works with most hair types.


Bad for color-treated hair; expensive.


If you want truly straight hair, then you have nothing to lose here.

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Brazilian Keratin Hair QOD MAX Treatment from Kerapremium
Brazilian Keratin Hair QOD MAX Treatment Review
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Is the Brazilian Keratin Hair QOD MAX Treatment Really That Good?

Although the price makes it less than bargain-worthy, Kerapremium's Brazilian Keratin Hair QOD MAX Treatment can help women get silky straight hair in the privacy of their own home--no salons or professionals needed. A base of cocoa extract and chocolate fragrance helps lock in the moisture, making it best for most hair types. Here is my review.

  • Helps straighten hair without drying it out
  • Works with most hair types--from virgin to ethnic hair
  • Contains vitamins and silicones to help soften hair

  • Must leave in the treatment for two to three days
  • Not good for color-treated hair
  • Expensive; one bottle costs $180.00

What Is It?

Kerapremium's Brazilian Keratin Hair QOD MAX Treatment is a keratin-based hair treatment that helps straighten and de-frizz the hair, giving you softer, smoother, and straighter hair.  Some users even claim it help the hair grow faster, though this has never been proven.  The formula is based off the original Brazilian hair straightening treatments that first originated in South America, though Kerapremium promises it's free of the original treatment's dangerous compounds, such as formeldahyde, a known human carcinogen.

In addition to containing keratin, which has been reported to straighten and de-frizz the hair (this isn't scientifically proven), it also contains extracts of chocolate, cocoa, collagen, and other vitamins, all purported to restore moisture and smoothness to the hair. They also work to lock the moisture in--an important step if you want to have (and maintain) healthy hair. Though it is a professional-grade straightening treatment, people can use this in the privacy of their own home. It's best for most hair types too--it helps straighten virgin, curly, chemically-treated, or ethnic hair, though its effects on color-treated hair aren't as positive (it may result in hair color changes). Used properly, one treatment should last around four to five months.

How to Use It

For optimal treatment, a little really goes a long way here--use too much and it can stiffen and harden the hair, as it has been reported by customers. Small amounts work best, spread evenly through the hair. There isn't much know-how about using this treatment--simply apply it like a leave-in conditioner, working the treatment in from root to tip, applying small amounts as you go. Though it may not seem like it's enough, it will once it dries--and it can give off unpleasant fumes should you go overboard during the application process.

After the entire product is coated all over the hair, you'll need to wait a few days--not, not hours, but days--to allow the product to really sink into the hair. Be prepared to have dry, goopy hair for at least three days, which is the minimum amount of time needed to allow the product to work. Avoid braiding or tying the hair back; this can prevent it from straightening properly. After the three days have elapsed, lock in the product with a blow dryer and a styling iron, keeping the heat high--experts recommend 450 degrees at the minimum.

Does it Work?

Though it isn't guaranteed to make hair pin-straight--several customers have confirmed it does not--it does make it fairly straight, but it's best at smoothing out the hair and eliminating frizz. "My hair is not straight (as BKT is not a straightener), but it was straighter than I expected it would be, it is soooo shiny, healthy, and looks great," says J.M. Lau, an customer. "If you have very curly hair, it won't straighten all the way, although if it's just wavy it could make your hair completely straight." It also consistently makes hair soft and manageable--less frizz means there's less of a risk for hair tangles or knots.

It doesn't work the best for all hair types, however. "...While performing the treatment, I could literally see my hair color change to orange at the flat-ironing step," says an customer. "So for three days while I waited to shampoo it out, I had to stare at myself with gross orange hair." If you have color-treated hair, this product may not be the best solution--it may alter or change the hair color or tone. Otherwise, it does work well for most hair types, especially ethnic or chemically-treated hair.


Price concerns put aside, this treatment does work--don't expect to be able to curl or style your hair after use, however.  For those who truly want pin-straight hair without having to resort to a styling iron, then this product is a must.
Date Reviewed: May 14, 2012, 10:29 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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