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Excellent value, good place to start learning the language

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"Breaking the Arabic Code", by Ahmed Abdullah - REVIEW

There are many reasons why you might want to learn to speak, read and write Arabic.

Perhaps you're planning a visit to an Arabic-speaking country; for work or study or pleasure.

Perhaps you deal with Arabic speakers in your business activities. After all there are 280 million native speakers of Arabic, spread across 22 countries. Arabic is one of the oldest language in the World and the Islamic holy book The Quran was written in Arabic.

But isn't it impossible to learn? You say. There's a whole new script for a start off.

Ahmed Abdullah says he can help you 'crack the Arabic code.'

His online course promises the 'secret' lessons to rapidly learning Arabic. †It's even rumored to be better than Rocket Arabic.

And you don't need to be especially adept at learning languages. You just follow a step by step lesson plan and soon you'll be conversing confidently.†

Learn Arabic for any scenario, says Ahmed Abdullah: business, travel, study and impressing native Arabic speakers.

Since 1993 Mr Abdullah has taught Arabic in colleges 'good and bad' throughout the Middle East and says many of his students have found it hard to learn this language.

But he has uncovered a 'Secret Shortcut.' Using his set of proven Arabic lessons and course materials, you will gain the skills in Arabic that you need.

After following this course you will no longer have to worry about making mistakes, or whether you will be understood, or have to rely on an interpreter to help you complete your business.

All you need is the right teacher and well-structured lesson plans.

Quickly and efficiently learn how to speak confidently, he says.

The course is content-rich, with over 1000 examples of grammar, phrases and vocabulary. You buy 10 downloadable language course books with clear Arabic typesetting. Content includes: letter and numbers, forming sentences, verbs and tenses.†

Also topic-based lessons such as 'Time, Ages and Weather' 'Meals, food, ingredients' 'Human life and the human body' 'Business, studying and Government' - including translations for key professions and skills.

You will also study everyday dialogue, basic grammar, and a 'kick-start' guide to speaking and writing Arabic sentences.

Mr Abdullah also advises on how to handle nerves when conversing with native Arabic speakers, focusing on learning some essential phrases to overcome those initial awkward moments.

The course is on special offer for $39.95 which includes (potentially - it's not quite clear from the promotional literature) some email support ('Limited Personal Support Slots Available.')

'You will learn more than you ever thought you would,' says Mr Abdullah.

And his website includes positive endorsements from language learners.

'You have structured this course well and it all just makes sense,' said one.

'Ahmed's course is comprehensive and straighforward ... and its actually fun,' said another businessman.

But to give a full review of this course we need to look at independent reports on the course.

Some reports are very favorable:

'Book six goes over what you need to know if you're going to travel in an Arabic speaking country. This book is indispensable.'

And it seems that the conversational aspect of the course goes down well with students.

'This is the stuff that you really need if you're going to actually speak with people,' said one.

And the course is good value for money, according to reports.

'A tough language but this program is well laid out and you canít beat the price,' said one.

Some people wanted more or different content.

'I wish they had covered more as nouns (things) are the bulk of any language. This is probably one of the weaker parts of the package,' said one.

And most agree that it success depends on your own motivation and hard work.†

'The program creator makes you believe that you can start speaking fluent Arabic in just a matter of days, which is not practically possible unless a lot of effort is put into learning the language,' said one customer.

So, as another user mentioned, Breaking the Arabic Code, '... is not perfect but of all the Arabic books out there, this one, hands down, is the best.'

Good for beginners especially.
Date Reviewed: February 7, 2012, 12:26 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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