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A comprehensive guide to the science and design of greenhouses for every need. The bonus books will answer many additional questions you may have about growing plants or modifying your greenhouse plans for economy.


No photos of finished greenhouses -- this was a main complaint of reviewers.


Excellent book for beginning greenhouse hobbyist with limited construction skills or greenhouse knowledge. The price seems rather steep, considering that many plans can be pulled from open sources on the Internet, however the in-depth information about greenhouse functionality helps to compensate for that.

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Building a Greenhouse (Plans) from Bill Keene
Building A Greenhouse Plans Review
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"Building a Greenhouse" (Plans) by Bill Keene - REVIEW

Every year more people realize a passion for gardening, be it in an urban or rural environment. These gardeners pout and pace the floor waiting for Spring to arrive and the soil to become workable so they can put out their short-lived vegetable gardens. Many dream of a greenhouse, but find greenhouse kits to be prohibitively expensive.

Enter Bill Keene and his eBook, “Building a Greenhouse (Plans).” His book includes plans for a variety of greenhouses, designed to fit in landscapes large and small. What’s more, his book comes with four bonus manuals: “How to Keep Your Greenhouse Warm During Winter,” “How to Build a Greenhouse on a Budget,” “10 Plants You Never Thought About Growing in a Greenhouse” and “Build a DIY Irrigation System.” These books will teach you skills that will keep your greenhouse active all year.

Bill’s Approach

Bill Keene provides plans for a variety of greenhouses, from the standard freestanding gabled variety to the simple hoop house and the diminutive cold frame. He has designed the plans to be easy to understand for even the novice builder and includes a questionnaire to help you choose the greenhouse that’s right for you. His plans can be constructed using easy-to-locate materials and simple hand tools, making building a greenhouse a relaxing family project.

Other vital greenhouse issues are discussed in this book. Bill explains the importance of proper lighting and how to utilize lighting systems to their fullest. Ventilation systems are also covered in depth, arming you with the knowledge to regulate the temperature and humidity inside your greenhouse at any given time. When you’ve finished reading this book, not only will you have selected a greenhouse plan that suits your life, you will have a working knowledge of the way greenhouses function as a whole.

What Others Are Saying

“I am not much of a handyman myself and was unsure about where to start with building the structure, so I was relieved to discover that the product broke it all down into simple terms for framing, covering / cladding the greenhouse and securing the components together.” - Adam Johns

“Bill K. is also an excellent teacher and has a way of explaining things so that even the most mechanically challenged person can take his diagrams and directions and build a fully functional greenhouse for less than a contractor would charge… and without the headaches that they often bring with them.” - Bill Rowe

“This book answers all the questions you might have about getting started, through and completing the construction of your greenhouse. The book will guide and instruct you on how to build an attractive and affordable greenhouse. It’s been one of the best DIY books I’ve ever read and I’m pretty sure it would be of immense help to you.” - Bowjei


“Building a Greenhouse (Plans)” is the quidessential guide for gardening enthusiasts who wish to take their hobby to the next level. Even if this book turns out to not be for you, Bill offers a 60 day money back guarantee. Although it lacks photos of finished projects and many of Bill’s plans are basic greenhouse structures that are freely available elsewhere, his expert insights are what determine the true value of this book.

From discussions about the proper orientation of your new greenhouse and the effectiveness of shade cloths under different conditions, Bill’s years as a commercial nurseryman may well save you several seasons of experimentation, allowing your greenhouse venture to be much more successful from the get-go. Even the experienced greenhouse operator may find some of his insights useful, since they can serve as a different viewpoint when tackling new or exotic problems.
Date Reviewed: February 28, 2012, 9:40 am
Reviewed by Kristi Waterworth
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