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These are unique and personal items that nearly anyone would appreciate as a gift.


The price seems a bit steep for the product.


If you have a reason to celebrate a major event, the BumpyPhoto may be worth the price and wait. Otherwise, stick to a digital photo frame with a nice collection of photos.

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Review: BumpyPhoto - Is Turning Photos into 3D Sculptures a Good Idea?

As a photojournalist in the pre-digital age, I thought I had done pretty much everything a person could do with a two-dimensional image and not go straight to jail. Clearly I was wrong. is here to usher in a new generation of photographs. Using proprietary equipment, has devised a way to turn your digital photos into three-dimensional images, either cut from the background or set within it. They claim that their techniques give a whole new life to the old fashioned photograph, and with good reason.

From the marketing materials available, it certainly does look like this is what they’ve done. The options are nearly limitless with three depths to choose from and sizes ranging from about 1 inch to over 15 inches upon request. The standard time frame for an average sized project is about 4 weeks, after which time the product is shipped out. You can pay extra and have your BumpyPhoto in less than a week, including transit time, however.

These three-dimensional photos are created out of a durable resin-composite. The photo itself is made up of a colored resin, it is not simply painted on with the hopes that the color will stay where it has been put. After the image is created, a matte varnish is applied to preserve the surface. Because of the manufacturing process, the surface is rough – then again, these aren’t really intended for touching. BumpyPhotos need to be protected from rough handling, water and direct sunlight.

What Others Are Saying

“Some of you 80's era kids may remember Shrinky Dinks, those shrink plastic designs you'd bake in the oven into relief sheets with texture. These BumpyPhotos are sort of like that, except the service will actually extrude elements of your digital photos and convert them into quasi-3D relief portraits. The effect is both really cool, yet slightly creepy, depending upon image chosen...”

“There's no denying it could make for a pretty unique gift, or an eyecatching conversation piece. If you're not in a rush and stay at sizes below eight inches, where the price quickly begins to ramp up, you'll find prices at least reasonably affordable, in the region of US$120-200 or so.” ~Mike Tomkins,

Unique, But Worth the Price?

I have absolutely no doubt that applied to the right two-dimensional photo, the BumpyPhoto process produces an amazing product. The folks at BumpyPhoto don’t simply rely on computer software and algorithms to create the effect, they have actual, factual graphic artists working on these projects as well. That’s part of what makes the whole thing so pricey. Although BumpyPhotos start around $39, that’s for a diminutive 1-inch photo with a 4-week timeline for production. To get a photo that is anywhere near large enough to be really impressive (6 inches or so), you’re looking at triple digits

Reviewers had few problems with the photos themselves, but did note that in some photos, colors can be somewhat washed out. The process also does not allow for undercutting, which can create some unusual and unexpected textures on the wrong photos. However, considering the novelty of the technology and its relative newness, these are very small problems. does stand behind their products enough to be willing to acknowledge returns on defective merchandise, but it is unclear whether this includes photos that should have never gone through the process in the first place.

BumpyPhotos will certainly make a unique and memorable gift for anyone who has recently had a special event, such as a wedding or the birth of a child. However, for the money, a nice digital frame filled with high-quality photos might be just as happily received.

Although some claim that the flat photo is a dead thing, the extruded-plastic photo of the future may simply not be ready for Prime Time. The concept is certainly cool, but I’d wait to order any BumpyPhotos until the price drops significantly.
Date Reviewed: March 29, 2012, 9:12 am
Reviewed by Kristi Waterworth
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