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It recommends a healthy, wholesome diet It recommends regular exercise to accelerate fat loss


Some of the program's recommendations are contradicted by scientific evidence It supports low-GI foods, which aren't necessarily the key to fat loss


Although some of the recommendations are questionable, it's still a solid book for people who have no idea how to lose body fat.

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Burn the Fat from Tom Venuto
Burn The Fat Review
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Tom Venuto's "Burn the Fat" - REVIEW

Not many bodybuilders are willing to divulge the keys to their success, but Tom Venuto, arguably one of the most famous natural bodybuilders in the world, is willing to let you in a little secret.

It's called Burn the Fat: a 341 page guide to making fat loss easy.  And although Venuto is an accomplished bodybuilder, this book--now in eBook format--isn't for bodybuilders.  It's made for everyone--your parents, moms who want to get in shape, and even those who have never exercised before.  He's not interested in helping bodybuilders get lean; he says he wants to help everyone learn the fat-blasting secrets.  And nobody knows how to blast fat faster than bodybuilders, who specialize in fat loss as one of their only goals in life (the other of course being gaining muscle).

There's a couple of keywords that define Burn the Fat: simple and practical.  Venuto doesn't believe in fooling people to believe they can instantly become lean by drinking a special shake or pill; he's not interested in hawking off any fake supplements to line his pockets.  

Instead, he offers practical, real world advice that nearly anyone can follow, with real food and real nutrition strategies that work for nearly everybody.

How Burn the Fat Works

Like many bodybuilders, Venuto doesn't buy the "calories in vs. calories out" approach to losing fat.  He believes that eating the right amounts of macronutrients, a scientific term to describe nutrients we need in mass quantities (protein, fat, carbohydrates), is the real key to unleashing your fat-burning potential.  

There's also the metabolic factor--learning how to increase your metabolism to speed up fat loss.  Most bodybuilders know this secret, but the average Joe won't, which he explains in great detail.  The biggest metabolic factor is the frequency of your meals, or meal frequency.  By eating frequent, small meals spaced just a couple of hours apart, you ensure your body is continuously getting enough calories.  This prevents the body from entering starvation mode, which causes the metabolism to slow down.

In addition, you also need to eat the right types of foods during every meal.  For instance, eating complex carbohydrates ensures your energy levels stay steady, which supposedly quickens fat loss.   You'll also learn how to cycle these carbohydrates to enhance the fat-burning process.

Venuto also discusses the effects of cardio and weight training on weight loss, and how people can carefully design their exercise programs to accelerate the amount of calories they burn.

Issues with Burn the Fat

While there is nothing wrong with eating several small meals a day--some people believe it enhances hunger control--there is a flaw in Venuto's program.  Venuto believes that meal frequency speeds up the metabolism, which, in theory, makes sense.  After all, if your metabolism is like a furnace, wouldn't it need a steady stream of calories to keep it running?

While the theory seems plausible, current research shows this isn't necessarily the case.  Dozens of reviews conducted on meal frequency shows that it actually doesn't raise the metabolism.  Likewise, eating fewer meals doesn't slow down the metabolism either--one study even found that it enhanced fat loss.  This doesn't exactly give a lot of credibility to Venuto's program.

In addition, Venuto seems to fully support the belief that low-GI foods are best for promoting fat loss, when in fact several health experts believe this isn't true.  Venuto asserts that low-GI foods are generally "better," when in fact foods commonly regarded as being unhealthy, such as candy bars, actually are low-GI foods.  Of course, if you were to follow Venuto's advice and to stick to low-GI foods to enhance fat loss, you could feasbily eat candy bars all day--and this isn't healthy.  So this is definitely an issue Venuto may want to address.


While Burn the Fat may not be perfect, let's not discredit this eBook just yet.  While the evidence surrounding meal frequency and low-GI foods is questionable, he still makes plenty of diet and exercise recommendations that can help people get leaner.  

For instance, he puts an emphasis on wholesome foods, such as vegetables and lean meat, which has always been shown to be beneficial--regardless of your goals.  People who generally eat more frequent meals are also leaner--not necessarily becaues they have a high metabolism, but because frequent meals are often correlated with healthier eating habits.  

So, in conclusion, Burn the Fat is a good book for losing fat.  It's just not a perfect book.
Date Reviewed: February 6, 2012, 11:59 am
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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