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CDI College Canada Review From: CDICollege.ca

Quick diploma program. Teaches basic but necessary skills for health, business and technology jobs.

Overpriced. Not thorough course content. Not competitive. Teachers not helpful enough.

There are better schools out there. CDI should be skipped as an education choice.

CDI College (Canada) - I Attended. This Was My Experience...

CDI markets itself as a fast track to your career. Earn a diploma in about 14 months and start work sooner than the suckers in university with their expensive degrees and their Starbucks jobs. I did both – CDI and university – and recommend a good long shop around before deciding on either.

Here’s how CDI works. First, pass an aptitude test to ensure you have basic reading, writing ‘n’ ‘rithmatic skills. Get accepted and feel like you earned something. Do self study combined with classroom work where approximately one out of three teachers is helpful. Earn your tech diploma, start work because a CDI diploma will get you hired somewhere, and realize you don’t know anything about computers.

As far as a tech school, CDI doesn’t get at the background technical knowledge you need to help you understand how things work. It shows you how to use computers but doesn’t show you why you can do your newly learned skills. University does that. Granted, the program is meant to be accelerated, so forget about all that knowledge and just do. But in a competitive market like technology, you know there are 14 year olds who can do what you learned at CDI and who’ve probably been doing it better than you since they could type.

For sobering views of this school, check out the tech vibes forum and the college times reviews. In the latter, L.A.D. mentions the dental reception program (it’s a joke). I wasn’t familiar with the business or health programs at CDI. I know the skills you learn – related to reception work, dental assistant work – are useful to get your foot in the door, but I’m not convinced about the price tag. Did I mention the price? Yeah, CDI is expensive. I couldn’t find exact tuition on their website – I’m sure it differs by province – but basically, it’s an overpriced correspondence program.

One other thing CDI offers is job placement in a co-op term. This sounds good, but if you’re in an area with poor job prospects as it is, a school like CDI won’t have the best and most lucrative connections for you. I had to take a job in a city two hours away to ensure my graduation date wouldn’t be pushed back. Universities and colleges have co-op programs, and they seem to have more of an in with companies in the community.

Final word is shop around. Education is a suck-it-up and fork-it-over endeavour, and it’s more worthwhile to do your homework and know exactly what you’ll get for your money. CDI is one of many school out there, and it may not be the best for your money and career goals.

Date Reviewed: September 29, 2011, 6:39 pm
Reviewed by hollyr
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