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Calotren has a lot going for it. It enables someone to lose weight without reducing their caloric intake or dieting. It does not even compel someone to work out but exercise is vital to being healthy and the marketers of Calotren are not saying you should not exercise. This is an all-natural weight loss product that seems impressive.


You cannot consume a Calotren capsule unless you have not eaten for the past 3 hours. Only water or lemon water can suffice. There is some science that says that Calotren does not help you lose weight or undermine constant pain.


It is not that expensive but for people who have ordered product after product to lose weight to no avail, the makers of Calotren may have to work hard to win those people over. It may be wise to not buy it unless you know someone who has had success with Calotren or perhaps split the costs with someone else to see if it works before branching out on your own and buying a bottle (or set of bottles depending on the deal) on your own.

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Calotren Weight Loss Capsules Review
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Calotren Weight Loss Capsules Review - Do They Really Work?

Being over-weight or obese can make anyone desperate enough to look for desperate measures. Is Calotren yet another company selling hope to millions just like many others or is it really different from the rest as it claims? Letís try to examine the question objectively.

The first thing that goes in Calotrenís favor is that the product is all-natural and does not involve drugs or stimulants. It does not interfere with medication and has no known side effects either. This at least shows that the chances of harm are minimized, regardless of whether any benefit is achieved or not.

Safety First

Calotren is completely free of drugs and stimulants, which means that even people suffering from high blood pressure (which many obese people do!) or diabetes can take these capsules. It will not interfere with their daily medications for blood pressure or diabetes.

The dosage is only once a day, which makes it more convenient and manageable anyway. The company emphasizes that Calotren works with your body, and not against it. Therefore, the bodyís natural balance and harmony is not likely to be disturbed due to Calotren.

No Starvation Diets

The basic fat reduction principle that Calotrenís unique protein formula follows is that it feeds the muscles, which use this formula actively to burn fat. Burning of the excess fat leads to weight loss. This is the simple principle of Calotren, and it does not involve any starvation diets or other procedures.

However, one of the points to note about Calotren is that the dosage must be taken on an empty stomach before going to bed. Only water or lemon water can be consumed for at least three hours prior to taking Calotren. This can be somewhat harsh on some people who cannot curb their urge to eat for three hours at a stretch.†

How does Calotren Work?

The key active ingredient in Calotren is collagen protein, which is known to promote weight loss and inch loss. A number of studies in the last few decades have pointed towards the weight loss and lean muscle benefits of collagen protein. However, it is important to note that there is no scientifically conclusive evidence from authoritative laboratories confirming such benefits as a scientific fact. Nevertheless, many studies have indicated that collagen protein may help build lean muscle which boosts the bodyís metabolism in a natural way.

Lean muscle breaks down and burns sugars and fats when it is fortified with collagen protein. This promotes weight loss in an entirely natural way, without pushing the body to do something against its harmonious balance. The company claims that Calotren may even help to reduce debilitating pain because of the innate benefits of collagen protein. However, again this claim has not been authenticated by scientific studies from authoritative scientific establishments.


The company has come out with a special limited-time offer where you buy three Calotren Weight Loss Capsule bottles (each with 1-month supply) and get two bottles free. So you can effectively receive a 5-month supply of Calotren for the price of 3-month supply. This special offer will cost you US$69.95. The company recommends a minimum 90-day course of Calotren to ensure optimal results. Amazon sells this product at a great deal as well.

Date Reviewed: September 29, 2011, 6:41 pm
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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