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Personal story, audio format, structured method is helpful and motivating


Based on Law of Attraction - not specific to marijuana use, format doesn't work for everyone, can't guarantee success


Could be helpful to some people who respond to structure, repetition and the Cannabis Coaches approach

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"Cannabis Coach" (Quit Marijuana) by Gary Lewis - REVIEW

Does smoking cannabis dominate your life?
Have you tried to stop and failed?
The Cannabis Coach offers help. 'No empty promises, no guilt and no 12 step programs.'
As a former pot smoker himself, The Cannabis Coach says he tried many different programs to help him stop smoking but failed. He was convinced that nothing could help him kick the cravings and turn his life around.
So where to turn? Feelings of hopelessness sure don't help you quit!
Well the first thing to understand is how most rehabilitation programs are designed. Many are based on the AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) 12-step program and stop smoking programs- but this treatment model doesn't work for everyone. The Cannabis Coaches approach is to, 'train your subconscious to overcome your marijuana addiction.'
This is accomplished through the 'Easy Quit Marijuana Audio Program' - a series of audio tapes designed to help you reduce and eliminate cravings, and create passion and drive in your life. The material includes lessons in how to recognize why you have failed in the past (and how to overcome this) and guides to the thoughts and feelings you are struggling with.
The Cannabis Coach developed this system through years of 'trial and error' and has now been drug-free for three years.
The audio downloads are accompanied by worksheets to set goals, track progress and record accomplishment.
'You can beat the cravings and turn your life around,' says Gary.
On the audio downloads, Gary details some of his journey to becoming clean, which is an appealing aspect of this product. 'It gives you an insight into Gary as a person, which i think is a great thing,' said one reviewer. 'It gave me the opportunity to understand exactly where Gary was coming from and it actually made me like and trust him more.'
But it takes more than a story to quit marijuana - so what are the methods and techniques employed by the Cannabis Coach? How is the subconscious trained?
Well according to one customer, his methods are, 'an exact duplication of the Law of Attraction... which states that if you think about having something hard enough you'll eventually start thinking as if you have it and eventually it will show up.'
So if you think hard enough about quitting then this will become your 'dominant thought' which will then 'become manifest.'
Sound promising? Then check out the review websites - some have audio clips from the program so you can try listening for yourself.
Lets hear what other customers are saying about this product.
'It's been 11 days since I started the program, I have done all the worksheets and listened to the audio everyday. I must admit I'm slowly starting to turn around,' said one.
But it's not working for everyone.
'Sorry folks but this "miracle cure" is not for real, I suggest hard work and creating your own motivation.'
And some people are very unhappy.
'Your program looks like something you threw together to make a quick buck off of vulnerable people.'
However we should not write it off completely. It seems that the program is helpful to some users.
'Guides like these help me gather back my courage and eventually push though to totally quitting smoking. I do hope this also inspires others.'
Which is a good message - one person's story does help another.
Some people would have liked an e-book or transcript to accompany the audio course, whereas some people like the fact that you don't have to read and can hear Gary's voice - so this aspect is a personal preference.
And while the program does seem to be more about stress handling techniques than anything else, it will, according to one user, 'definitely help one understand the basis for ones addiction to pot,' along with 'a structured framework to help.'
If this sounds like what you need, then the Cannabis Coach could be for you.
Date Reviewed: December 19, 2011, 11:59 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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