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Bullet proof construction, excellent image quality, wide maximium aperture


A big lens that may be intimidating for some people when having their portraits taken


Despite its large size and dimensions the Canon EF 24 - 70mm f2.8L lens is an awesome lens, with great image quality, that is suitable for many genres of photography.

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Canon EF 24 - 70mm f2.8L USM lens from Canon
Canon 24 70 Lens Review
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Canon EF 24 - 70mm f2.8L USM lens - Canon's best standard zoom lens?

Why buy a Canon 24 – 70 lens? This is a common question by many photographers, especially when there is a Canon zoom lens that is 24mm – 105mm, which is obviously the same at the wide end has a further reach at the long end. This review is based solely on the Canon 24 – 70 lens and after reading it you will see exactly why the Canon 24 – 70 is the Canon lens to buy.

The Canon 24 70mm lens is a professional grade zoom lens with a focal length of 24mm at the short end and 70mm at the long end. It has a constant maximum aperture of 2.8, so it is a fast lens that is great for low light conditions as well as isolating a tack sharp subject against a blurred out background.

The 24mm – 70mm focal range is ideal for group shots and individual portrait work and this is the type of photography many photographers buy the Canon 24 70mm lens, although it can be used for other genres of photography including product and still life shots, and a general walk about lens amongst other things.

The first thing you will notice about this lens is that is a beast, I mean it is absolutely huge and it only gets bigger when you stick on the lens hood. The size of this lens can be intimidating for the subject when taking portrait shots and this fact is the worst thing about the Canon 24 70. The Canon 24 70 isn’t just big, it is also heavy so you need to bear this in mind prior to buying one.  Even though the Canon 24 70mm is large it is solidly build, tough and durable. The Canon 24 70mm is a lens that is built to last, but this is the same with all Canon professional grade lenses so it is to be expected.

Being a professional grade lens the Canon 24 - 70 lens contains some top quality glass and optics, so the image quality of this lens is simply awesome. When you use the lens wide open images are acceptably sharp but stop it down a little and the images become super sharp. The colours are bright, vivid and punchy but they are still realistic, and the contrast is great throughout. The Canon 24 - 70 lens is a top performing lens and it is possible to capture some stunning images with it.

Compared to other zoom lenses in the 24mm – 70mm range the Canon 24 70 isn’t cheap, but given it is a superior lens this is not really surprising. The Canon 24 70 lens is widely available from online and physical shops therefore there are plenty of deals to be had if you are prepared to shop around. When buying a lens I would always suggest a trip to the local camera shop to have a look at the lens and take some test shots with it and then buying it from a reputable online retailer where you get the biggest savings. If you decide to buy the Canon 24 70 online you do need to be a bit careful and make sure it is not a grey import lens. If the price of a Canon 24 70 appears too low and too good to be true, it generally is.

Overall the Canon 24 – 70 lens is an awesome Canon lens. It is big and heavy for its focal length range, but it is not too much in the big scheme of things, however it is absolutely bullet proof and will provide many years service. The biggest shouting point about the Canon 24 – 70 lens is the image quality, which is absolutely awesome. In order to fully appreciate what the Canon 24 – 70 can do you have to experience it firsthand. If you are in the market for a standard zoom in the 24mm – 70mm range the Canon 24 – 70 is the perfect lens for you.

Date Reviewed: June 25, 2012, 6:20 pm
Reviewed by foto_reviewer
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