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Makes the Canon 7d more comfortable to hold, doubles the battery life, makes it easy to take photographs in portrait (as opposed to landscape).


It is an expensive battery grip (but if you want the best you have to pay for it)


If you want to make holding oyur Canon 7d more comfortable and double the battery life you are going to need a battery grip, and the Canon BG-E7 battery grip is the best one you can buy.

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Canon BG-E7 Battery Grip from Canon
Canon BG E7 Battery Grip Review
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Canon BG-E7 - The best battery grip for the Canon 7d

Do you really need a Canon battery grip? This is a question asked by many new photographers and the answer has to be a definite yes since a Canon BG-E7 battery grip will help you improve your photographs no end. You may be wondering how this works, well let me explain.....

The Canon BG-E7 battery grip is ergonomically moulded for comfort. The battery grip attaches to your digital camera though the battery compartment and is held in place by inserting a screw in the tripod holder/lens collar mounting point. The BG-E7 battery grip will make your Canon digital slr camera more bulky, which is good since it gives “more body” for you to hold on to. This is great for people with slightly larger hands although there is still a benefit of bulking up your camera, even if you have small hands.

The Canon BG-E7 battery grip also makes taking portrait style images much easier since there is a further auto focus and shutter button on the top of the BG-7E battery grip, i.e. where it should be, which means you can take photographs in the portrait style hand held and without having to use a tripod and a remote. This feature is one of the biggest selling points of the Canon BG-E7 battery grip and once you have experienced using this product you will soon see why.

Using a digital camera with the BG-E7 battery grip is far more comfortable than using a camera without one, and the more comfortable you are when taking the photographs the better the photographs will be. Don’t believe me when I say a digital slr camera is more comfortable with a Canon battery grip than without? All I can suggest is that you take a trip to your local camera shop and try one out for yourself, it is well worthwhile and time well spent.

A Canon battery grip is also advantageous in that it holds two Canon batteries hence doubling the life of your camera between charges, which means you can carry on shooting images for longer. One thing I should point out is the Canon battery grip accepts both “Canon” batteries as well as six AA batteries, which is another great feature. Unlike Canon batteries, AA batteries are readily available from almost all retail outlets so if you ever find yourself in the position where your Canon batteries need charging and you don’t have your charger with you (this is easily done, believe me) you can simply slip down your local superstore, buy some AA batteries and carry on shooting.

As previously mentioned, a Canon BG-E7 battery grip will make your digital slr camera physically larger, which in turn will make it a bit more awkward to carry around. In addition, a battery grip will add some more weight to your camera, so you will need to make sure you have a good quality hand strap or neck strap in order to deal with the additional weight. The additional weight may not be much but once you have been using your fully battery gripped camera for a few hours you will certainly notice it, believe me.

It doesn’t matter what type of Canon digital SLR camera you have there is a Canon battery grip that will fit. You can shoot with an entry level Rebel T3 and have a Canon battery grip. You can shoot with the flag ship Canon eos 1D and have the ability to use a Canon battery grip and you can shoot with a mid level Canon eos 7d and still have the ability to use a Canon battery grip.

Compared to other battery grips the Canon battery grip isn’t cheap, but it is well worth spending the extra and buying a genuine Canon battery grip for your digital SLR camera.

So, would I recommend a Canon BG-E7 battery grip? The answer is a most definite yes, especially if you want increased comfort when using your Canon camera, want the ability to take portrait style shots hand held and without relying on a tripod, want to double the battery life of your camera and want the ability to use AA batteries (although only as a backup and contingency measure) when the need arises.

Date Reviewed: July 23, 2012, 11:25 am
Reviewed by foto_reviewer
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