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A whole lot of features packed into a nifty little digital SLR. Canon is a well known and dependable brand and there are a lot of good things about this camera.


A little pricey for what you get. Still capture so photos can be blurry with moving targets or an unsteady hand.


A little too high in price for what you get in my opinion but still a very good camera. If I found it on sale somewhere, I'd snatch it up right away. Otherwise, I think I'll pass.

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EOS Rebel T3i Digital SLR from Canon
Canon EOS Rebel T3i
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Is the Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera Worth the Cost?

I have been into photography ever since I can remember and this was way before digital cameras or the Internet was the norm.† This meant buying expensive cameras and expensive film that offered different speeds and exposures to create unique images.† When the first digital cameras began hitting the market, I was one of the first to buy one even though I never thought they would ever replace a quality 35mm camera.†

My first digital camera only allowed for twelve high resolution photos or twenty four low resolutions ones to be saved on it because there were no media cards for them back then.† Also, this first camera did not have a view lens so it was more like using a regular camera in that you only knew what the photo looked like when it was uploaded to the computer.

Boy, have things changed today!

The technology in these cameras quickly become more high tech and here we sit today where we no longer have to worry about carrying around five different rolls of film in order to get the perfect shot.†

Today, all of the big 35mm camera manufacturers have their own brand of digital cameras that allow for instant viewing of the picture so it can be taken again if it did not come out right.† You can still use all the great lenses and filters that would be used on a film camera but it is so much better with the technological advances.† Itís called Digital SLR and there are more options than ever before when it comes to choosing a great camera.

Iíve been a fan of Canon for years. While they are not the only brand I have ever owned, I have had many great Canon cameras so I looked for them first when I wanted a new digital SLR. So, in looking for a new camera, I came across the Cannon EOS Rebel and here is what I found:

Product Details
  • Super Lightweight
  • High Image Quality
  • Can be Used in Any Light
  • Built in Video Mode
  • Rechargeable Battery
At over $700 it is important for a camera to have all the bells and whistles that Iím looking for and through reading the product details, Iím not sure it is worth the high price. Seriously, I can get a light weight digital camera that has flash, rechargeable batteries and that comes with video for under a hundred bucks.†

After digging a bit deeper, I learned more about this camera that may justify the cost.†

Why You Need It

This camera has the capabilities of doing just about anything you want a camera to do and more.† It has a super fast processor, shoots photos and video in high definition and auto adjusts to any light or lack of light source.† You can either set this camera up with manual or automatic exposure so you can get the perfect shot no matter the conditions.† With this Cannon, you can also set the size of the video so no matter what screen size it is viewed on, it will not be pixilated.†

There are a set of filters built in the camera to get the perfect image exactly how you want it without carting around a bunch of filter lenses with you.† This camera is super fast and has the capability to shoot up to thirty four frames a minute.† Those who just love lenses will be happy to know that the lenses they have already purchased are compatible with this camera.†

There are also many other lenses that are made particularly for Cannon and offer many different effects that may not be built in.† Finally, the flash on this camera is super fast and will allow for many different flash outputs that you can choose from in the easy to use menu function.

Needs Some Improvements

While the video feature is great, this camera is in no way shape or form a replacement for a video recorder.† This is because there is no way to focus the camera while it is in record mode.†

For $700 plus, the Canon EOS should have that type of functionality.† The speed shutter mode that allows for quick photos to be taken in succession does not always work and the camera stays ďbusyĒ more than it should for normal use.† Images that appear clear when taking the photo blur out after the picture is uploaded to a computer and in some cases appears blurry even in the viewing pane. You can find cameras in a comparable price range of $700-1,000 that do much more than this and come with more accessories, lenses and features. So while itís a good camera, I donít think itís worth the price tag. If you could find it for around $500 or less, you should jump on it for sure.

What People Are Saying

GP6 says, ďI got this camera with the kit lens and was so disappointed in general with 1. the horribly slow, hunting, and soft focusing of the lens and resulting blurred and unacceptable images at any ISO, and forget about using live view to focus either manually or on auto.Ē

Dojoklo says, ďSensor and Image Quality: All three cameras share a very similar sensor and 18 megapixels, and so their image quality will be virtually the same. All are capable of taking professional quality images.Ē


I really think I will pass on this camera because the price is too high for what you get.† While I do like some of the features, there are times when I need my camera to be fast and I donít have time to view each and every shot to make sure they are not blurry.† For those who do not mind spending the money, this can be a decent everyday camera but the professional photographer may end up becoming frustrated with its lack of performance.†
Date Reviewed: May 4, 2012, 3:12 pm
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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