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Large database of cars that are certain bargains in an auction atmosphere. The product has been around a long time.


The product has some complaints over several years. The product is not very upfront about possible costs after membership is bought. (Arguably they should not have to but they should warn their customers that more costs could be involved later.)


While there are some poor reviews, they are all older and outdated that I came across. I rate this a decent buy simply because of the huge volume of auctions available and the known difficulty of finding them for myself.

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Car Auction Inc. from Car Auction Inc.
Car Auction Inc Review
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Car Auction Inc ( REVIEW - Here's what we discovered...

Car Auction Inc is a company that offers auction listings for a membership fee where you can pick up cars, trucks, motorcycles and various other vehicles at cheap prices. These vehicles were either seized due to drugs, crime or repossession in most cases and Car Auction Inc. says that they offer over 2000 auctions across the entire planet. They not only deal with auctions in the United States, but also in every country in the world. Can Car Auction Inc. actually be for real? Do these auctions actually exist? 

Are car auctions like this legitimate and do they exist?

These auctions are most certainly for real as far as existing. I personally have attended several auctions through the years and seen the incredible bargains that can be found. Most of the time, these bargains are not nearly at the “95 percent off of Blue Book” that is mentioned in the sales page at Car Auction Inc. That happens, but it is not very common. There are normally enough people there that the prices get driven up to at least half to three fourths of blue book. Some cars even end up selling at a premium. It totally depends upon who is there and how deep their pockets are.

Now that we know the auctions do exist, can Car Auctions Inc. actually get me there?

The short and honest answer is that I am not sure without actually buying the product. Given that this is a research only review, I can tell you that there are mixed reviews out there. Most of the bad reviews were from years ago rather than recent. That is good news at least. The good reviews are actually all affiliate sites, so they are fairly useless as well. I do think I understand the problem here between various buyers on this product. 

What is Car Auctions Inc actually promising here?

Car Auctions Inc. appears to be a site that is dedicated to finding the auctions and then reporting them to their members. They are not getting you into the auctions or actually even getting you into the websites. They are simply pointing them out. Thus, when people pay their money to Car Auction Inc. and then end up being asked for more money by the actual auctions themselves, many people were getting upset and feeling ripped off. Though I agree that the site should be revealing that you are likely to have to pay money for the auctions themselves and possibly even entry to the websites, it is pretty clear in their advertising that they simply lead you to the auctions. Those that are upset probably should not be if this is the actual problem.

Are these the only complaints online about Car Auctions Inc. services?

The major complaints were related to what is mentioned above, and even those are rather old dating back to 2009. Some others have complained that the refund process was difficult. This does not appear to be a prevalent problem, however, because there are no complaints that I could find recent. Most everything negative was at least a couple years old.

What positives are there for the product?

With the Internet and a modicum of search engine skills, you can find some of these auctions yourself. The vast majority of these auctions, however, are not going to be found by the average person like you or I. These auctions are kept as quiet as possible or else every citizen would be there. Given that they offer up over 2,000 of them, you would have to say that the product is fairly priced. If you find even one deal on a car, then you have saved your money many times over. 

If you purchase Car Auction Inc. and want to find a car, it is important to remember that they are simply pointing you in the right direction. Costs and problems you run into after that are between you and the auction sites you are dealing with. This is the cost of doing business and finding something that most people don’t know about. Overall, I would rank Car Auctions Inc. as an average buy. Certainly they are on par with most of their competition, though that is not saying all that much.
Date Reviewed: April 9, 2012, 10:56 pm
Reviewed by Rodney Southern
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