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Excellent reviews all around the Internet Author knows her stuff 5 books come in the package


Useless if you don't have or like cats.


If you have ever seen a cat destroy brand new furniture or spray in your house, it's pretty frustrating. Not all cats come hardwired to be your little friend either. This product is well received around the Internet and has a lot to offer whether you have a new kitten, older cat or some combination. If I was suddenly forced to take care of all my wife's cats, I'd order this right away. With an 8 week trial, you aren't at any risk.

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Cat Behavior Secrets Revealed from Liz Barton
Cat Secrets Revealed Review
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"Cat Secrets Revealed" by Liz Barton - REVIEW

When it comes to pets most people just assume dogs are the ones that will need the most training and will take the most effort to raise properly. In some cases this is true but if you're a cat owner or know a cat owner, you know the truth. Cats can be just as difficult if not moreso when it comes to getting them to behave like normal cats and not stubborn little furballs of destruction. Lots of us have owned or have been forced to live with a crazy cat that just doesn't seem to understand the rules. Poop in the litter box, don't shred the furniture, stay off the counters, use the food bowl and things of this nature are often ignored and we can't figure out why.†

Cat Behavior Secrets Revealed is a comprehensive guide that shows you what to do and what not to do when it comes to changing the behavior of your cat. All of this information in one book could almost be called a "Cat Instruction Manual" due to the amount of scenarios presented and techniques used. So, what should I expect to find in this product and is it really worth it? †Let's find out exactly what we're looking at and what this would be used for.

Who created "Cat Secrets Revealed"?

The person behind this book is a woman by the name of Liz Barton. She has more than a few amazing references in regards to cats and other animals. She's worked in animal hospitals and took in some feral cat colony. She also goes by the name "The Cat Wrangler" which suggests to me she probably isn't married so has had lots of extra time figuring out the inner workings of the kitty psyche. She turned that feral cat colony into well behaved kittens in a little under two weeks so that tells us she's got some skills.

What kind of things will this book teach me?

How to win the litter box fight.

Do you have a new cat who won't use the box or an old cat who's decided it would rather pee on your expensive new mattress? This product will show you the "why, when, where, and how" of the motivation of your cat and why it isn't using the litterbox in the first place. It explains the 13 most common reasons behind poo and pee being spread around the house. As humans, naturally we take it personally like "that little SOB does it just to spite me for reason X" but in reality cat brains aren't that complex. We just need to figure out the motivation and take that away or at least shift the focus back to the litterbox.

Stop the biting.

I've had at least one cat in my home for at least 30 years. I haven't come across a cat that randomly bites you. I don't think I'd like that much at all so if you do have a biter, Cat Secrets Revealed can show you how to "tame" your cat and show it that isn't a proper thing to do.

De-Stress your cat.

Are you just moving into a new place or just bringing a new cat into your household? You'll learn how to encourage fun exploration with your cat instead of just dropping into an unfamiliar setting.

Stop the scratching.

I don't know about you but when i see a cat starting that stretch like it's about to shred my leather sofa arm, I get a little irate and usually hiss or throw things. This isn't doing anybody any good so Cat Secrets Revealed shows us how to encourage your cat to use a scratching post or and not scratch things we don't want them to like the couch, curtains, doorframes, etc.

Much, much more.

You'll find answers to solutions you never even knew about inside the pages of Cat Secrets Revealed. Tips on little issues that bother you to proper grooming, actions people do that instinctively make cats aggressive or passive and so much more I could list things all day. If it's cat related, it's in here. You also get four other cat related e-books about kittens, habits and mystery gift books.†

User Testimonials

Carol Toelle (

"I am pleased to say that your book has helped me so much! I can hardly believe she is still the same cat. She has responded amazingly well to the training and I feel we've established a bond that we may never have achieved on our own. Your book shows that you truly understand cats and how they think. I recommend your book to other cat owners, and even vets! This is about the 5th cat book I've read, but it is by far and away the best!..."

Sabline (

ďI have spent this evening reading all three Cat Secrets books. Lots of concise, plain straight forward information on the care, nurturing and living with your cat buddies. The bonusí were the best. Good work,every cat lover can benefit from the knowledgeable information whether or not they are getting their first kitten or have had several cats over the years.The information and the way itís presented is quite helpful. Hereís hoping all cat parents are able to receive copies of your books...."


If you have cats, want cats or just love cats in general, you should check out Cat Secrets Revealed. You can try it free for 8 weeks so you really have nothing to lose at all. You will have a better smelling home, happier family and your cats will probably appreciate the effort you put in and the time you'll spend with them during this entire process.

Date Reviewed: January 28, 2012, 5:32 pm
Reviewed by Robert Sunset
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