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Superb alignment, great design, portability, great optics.


Small issues only: niggles over the instruction manual, one quality control issue reported.


Get ready to see the universe!

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Celestron CPC800XLT computerized telescope from Celestron
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Celestron CPC800XLT computerized telescope detailed information
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FULL REVIEW: CPC 800 XLT (Computerized Telescope with tube and tripod)

Not only is the world getting smaller, the universe is, too.

Check out the customer image gallery of shots taken using the Celestron CPC 800 XLT Computerized Telescope and you'll see what I mean.

The 800 XLT is a top of the line astronomical telescope; use it at home as a 'superb visual instrument' or, by adding the optional wedge and CCD cameras as a 'serious astrophotographer's tool.'

For $1999 you get a 8-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with Starbright XLT high performance optical system and SkyAlign alignment technology.

SkyAlign uses GPS techonology for quick and simple alignment to the planet or star of your choice along with user friendly design.

And on top of all this, the Celestron 800 is portable- which means you can take it out to your favorite dark sky location, or use it for demonstrations at schools and community groups.

Bring the magic of the skies to more people!

'See amazing detail on the surface of Jupiter,' say the manufacturers. 'See Cassini's Division in the rings of Saturn, and resolve details on the surface of Mars.'

Even the distant Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are within your reach.

A solid all-round performer, this telescope will delight both the experienced observer and new astronomer

'Excellent optics,' said one experienced astronomer. 'When I look at Jupiter with a 12.5mm plossl eyepiece (about 160x magnification) I see multiple cloud bands and I the pale color of Jupiter's famous Great Red Spot... When I look at Saturn at 200X I can usually see the Cassini division in the rings and make out four or five moons. When Mars comes closest to Earth every two years I've even been able to spot dust storms blowing across the Martian dessert.'

Wow! Dust storms in space - now there's something to show your kids.

The reviewers wax quite lyrical over what they see through this telescope.

'Beautiful views of deep space objects... galaxies begin to reveal their structure and globular star clusters are well resolved. At a recent Astronomy viewing night at a local school, some of the students liked globular cluster M13 the best. They said it looked like a snowflake made of tiny stars!'

'After using older computerized telescopes, Celestron's SkyAlign system seems almost like magic,' said another customer. 'I don't need to remember obscure star names or use a star chart, I just point the telescope at three bright stars or planets and the CPC 800 tells me the names!'

And buyers are impressed with the ease of operation.

'This has got to be the easiest to operate serious astronomical telescope out there. I like the way the hand controller is stored on the fork arm as it faces you so you can see it without having to move. Very convenient.'

'The instructions on the hand control display were very easy to follow,' said another user. 'I told the telescope to go to Saturn. The telescope took off and after a few seconds stopped and placed Saturn right in the middle of the eyepiece view. With over 40,000 objects in its database, I was able to view several galaxies and nebulae that I was never able to locate before, all in one night.'

'I ordered the computer to go to M42,' reports another customer. 'In just few seconds the telescope moved and the moment of truth was just a blink of an eye in front me. It was the M42 right center of the field of view... I could not believe that with my first try the CPC 800 worked close to perfection.'

Truly, the universe opening up in front of your eyes!

A couple of reviewers mentioned problems with the tracking system but this was rare; and the only other 'cons' mentioned were the lack of a 12V power supply (although you can buy an adaptor to attach the telescope to your car battery) and the need for a good wedge if are using long exposure times. 

And another suggested checking out the You Tube video instructions (in preference to the supplied instruction manual). 

But overall this is, 'a very impressive scope with superb optics, nice sleek look and sophisticated software.'

Recommended to anyone interested in doing some serious astronomical observations. This is a 'fantastic' telescope; the largest size you can have while still remaining portable. 

'Exceeds expectations.'
Date Reviewed: April 20, 2012, 9:53 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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