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One of the industry's top recommeneded companies with highly competitive rates and solutions for both online and bricks and mortar

Cons has been charged by users with having hidden fees in their contracts


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Chargecom The Solution For Merchant Card Services
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According to their home page, has remained the #1 credit card processor for 16 years, receiving the highest possible ratings from Apple, Magellan, AOL and Excite. caters to both bricks and mortar as well as online businesses. Take your pic between a free credit card terminal with built in printer for traditional businesses, free internet processing software or free wireless/mobile credit card processing (ideal for mobile merchants like people in the on-site repair industry and for doing trade shows.)

How do they stand up to the competition?

To see why is so popular just look at their price comparison. Other merchants charge fees for applying, debit and credit processing setup, cancellation, checks by web/phone/fax, web shopping cart, discover and amex setup and programming the device(s). 

All the above services and products are completely free with No cancellation fee really jumped out at me as well as no Discover and Amex fees. Based on my research I haven't often seen either of those. They also offer instant approval as opposed to a wait time of 1-2 weeks and customer support 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Their face to face sales rate is just 1.26% while internet is as low as 1.79% which is @ 1/3 less than some competitors. They are currently offering free shopping cart software to set up your online store to accept payments. transaction fees are as low as 15 cents (half that of Paypal.) That all sounds too good to be true so my instant reaction is make sure you read the fine print!

Another extremely appealing feature they offer is absolutely no contract commitment. You are not tied to them if you find is not working for you or if your business needs change. 

How easy is it to transition to

If you already have a shopping cart system set up there won't be any conflict. Because they offer multiple payment gateways, is compatible with nearly every shopping cart system available. And if you don't yet have a shopping cart, as mentioned above, provides you with one for free! If you choose to accept checks they only charge 5 cents per check regardless of it's dollar amount and the software is completely free!

So what's the dirt?

Now here's the interesting thing. When I did due diligence i came across a few instances of complaints regarding's cancellation fees. Huh? I thought there were no cancellation fees! 

So can you blame me if they have hidden fees?

Uh... no. I highly recommend speaking with them and with any merchant account company you're checking out to confirm their policy with regards to cancellations... and make sure you see it in writing. As tedious as it is, it's important to get a clear picture before jumping into any contract. When things don't unfold happily I've found it's usually a case of communication gaps as opposed to good guy vs. bad guy. 

Occasionally though, a company is impervious to change despite complaints or you just have bad timing. We can't read the fine print on everything, especially when we're trying to run a business! In the case of your merchant service provider though, it's really a necessity to know what you're getting into. You need to take that extra time up front. Even so, sometimes you get slapped by a bad policy that's well hidden which a company has yet to recognize as a bad policy. Or, they may justify it in their own way. gives instant approval which means the businesses they accept may not have a sterling credit history. The very fact that they accept businesses so easily may lead to slap back in cyper space. 

Regardless, any online business has to take seriously how their reputation is holding up or they will sink over time and they will necessarily make policy changes to compensate or risk ruining their business over it.

Where do I stand?

I'm encouraged by what's listed on's own website as well as by their rank, customer testimonials and the companies who hold them in esteem. That said, there are some significant indicators that suggest hidden fees in the fine print of their terms agreement. If the services offers look appealing to you I would highly recommend checking out their terms thoroughly before signing anything. 

If you're looking for a highly reputable, safe bet when it comes to merchant services, I can unequivocally recommend Merchant Warehouse which I've also researched and reviewed.

When you start accepting credit card payments online you can expect your sales to leap by anywhere from 50-400%!!! If you're in the market for a way to accept credit cards and you'd like quick approval it's worth a conversation with But given the conflicting reports I would stick with a more consistently well ranked company like merchant warehouse, or make sure you read the fine print. Feel free to read my review describing how to negotiate with merchant service providers, for further information.

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Date Reviewed: February 17, 2012, 8:51 am
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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