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unique and effective method of assessing your personality and making getting acquainted a fun process


They do the filtering for you. They are so different from other sites that may be a turn off for some.


Two thumbs up! This is a smart, fun system. I like Chemistry's unique take on dating.

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Chemistrycom Review Have They Turned Romance Into A Science
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Visit the official site Review - Has Chemistry turned Romance into a science? is a unique offering in the online dating world, taking a more scientific approach. Here's how Chemistry compares to the competition: 

What makes Chemistry different?

Chemistry caters to busy professionals. The service is basically a hybrid between a matchmaker and a dating site. What do people like about a matchmaking service? A couple of things: First, they appreciate the personal touch… the sense that they are being taken into account as an individual rather than primarily a list of statistics. The other thing people like about a matchmaking service is that, rather than spending hours flipping through profiles to find a match themselves, they can rely on the matchmaking service as a filter, which provides a manageable number of viable options. The system is primarily designed for people on the go who simply don't have time to sift through and filter their choices themselves. 

For people who want to do the initial filtering themselves and who hold the philosophy that more, now is better, Chemistry is not a match. You either have to be willing to delegate that task to the experts and enjoy the slow build, or just be so busy that you need someone else to do it. It's like having  a stylist for your dating life. 

How does Chemistry find your match?:

Chemistry was developed in an extremely unique way and I have to say, taking myself through their profile process, the accuracy of their assessment really stunned me. Chemistry's chief scientific consultant is Dr. Helen Fisher. She has helped them implement some unusual methods that set Chemistry apart from your average dating site. 

First, Chemistry has an extensive personality test which asks all sorts of unexpected questions (for example, the length of your index finger compared to your ring finger!?) I find these kinds of tests a curiosity, generally speaking, so it was fun for me. But when I saw my results, I was pretty floored! There is absolutely something to this science. 

So the first step is this unusual, surprisingly effective assessment process. Already this is shaping up to be quite a different user experience than your average site... and it's a difference I like. Yes, you still create a profile with all the standard info and a little essay about yourself but the personality assessment definitely makes the process less routine, especially since it's so on target.

Then there is the level of engagement. It's a proven fact that the more active your engagement in a process the more likely you are to invest yourself in seeing results. When you just think about meeting someone it can bring up all kinds of reactions, positive and negative. You might have just come out of a tough relationship or you might be longing for one so much that you can't think of anything else! Either way, your expectations could set you up to make the process more difficult.

Chemistry is designed to engage you: 

When you join Chemistry you'll find 5 new matches in your inbox each day. When you receive your match options, you are prompted to take action on these, either by rejecting them with a "not really" button, giving yourself time to consider with a "decide later" button or making them an active connection. Even once you have put them in your not really folder you still have the option to re-instate them if you have second thoughts. Once you have addressed the options put before you, you have access to new options… and so the system goes. 

Once there's mutual interest, Chemistry continues the process of engagement through what they call "chemistry starters" which are playful activities that enable you to start the process of getting to know someone without all the awkwardness of typical dating sites, which leave you entirely to your own devices. provides a context for relating to a virtual stranger, with a structured and playful initial introduction and getting acquainted process called "123 meet." 

Basically, this turns the process of getting to know someone into a fun, ice breaking activity. You may not realize it but if you look back and assess your most successful dating experiences, you would probably find that the context of your meeting somehow supported the process of getting acquainted. In other words there was something about where and how you met that provided an easier springboard into getting acquainted. 

Chemistry is designed to create an environment which provides context and requires engagement because those are the ingredients to successful introductions. What makes most dating sites unnatural is the lack of context. You look at stats, a bio and a photo and if you like what you see you come up with something witty to say and see what happens. Not a lot of social lubrication going on!!

What's their online rep?'s online rep is mixed. I have some thoughts about this because as a result of my experience, I think it's a cool site. I think there's some confusion about how and why Chemistry is set up the way it is. This is a different kind of site. If you're expecting a typical dating site, you might not understand or appreciate the value of their personality test, selective matching and social connection methods.'s methods are not for everyone, but sometimes people can be put off by something they don't understand. Personally I find it a relief and have a feeling it will lead to better quality connections. I hope I've conveyed the method to their madness clearly to you, so you can make an informed decision for yourself.

The Wrap-up: is a refreshing and intelligent change of pace from your typical dating site. I highly recommend giving it a try. I'm providing a link for their 7 day free trial but be forewarned, the trial is just a teaser. You will not have full functionality, which can be frustrating because they'll send more matches than you can view… until you make a commitment. ;-) You will be able to take their very cool personality test though, get some match recommends and familiarize yourself with the system a bit.

Happy dating! 

Date Reviewed: March 9, 2012, 9:29 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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