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The pros include a non medication way to help your child. You get 6 bonuses with this eBook to help.


The only con I see is that this program only comes in digital formats. With this format, parents without computers or e-readers cannot utilize this program.


With the trial period and the sixty-day money back guarantee, I would certainly try this. When you have a child who is out of control, it is in the child’s best interest for the parent to do anything to help the child. For the low trial price, you have nothing to lose.

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A Happy Child Guide from Child Behavior Solutions
Child Behaviour Solutions Review
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The Happy Child Guide is part of the Child Behavior Solutions series. This program can help many parents by giving them the techniques they need to change their child’s behavior naturally. The curriculum covers the different aspects many parents struggle with such as temper tantrums, back talking, lying and all the other antisocial behaviors that our kids seem to pick up around home and schools. This program is geared towards parents of school age children as well as preschoolers. 

What It does  

The program will show parents how to help their children help themselves without the medications other doctors are so eager to put children on these days. Medications can have unwanted side effects within children. As parents, we owe it to our children to find the natural way to correct the problems. This program does that with a systematic technique. 
It will show parents the three main causes of these behavior problems. Sometimes these behaviors are the result of a real need or miss-communication but other times these behaviors are a direct result of too much of a chemical overload within the brain. Dr. Blaise Ryan, has research to prove that most of the bad behaviors we see in our children is the direct result of too much Cortisol raging inside their brains.


In his research, he discovered that there is a sudden release of this chemical when the children are over stressed or over stimulated. This sudden release is toxic to the brain. Since the child does not understand what is happening inside of them, they act out. The child is not acting out because he or she wants to. They are acting out because the rush of this chemical makes them energetic, rebellious, aggressive, and makes the child feel as if they cannot focus. This program will help the parents earn the techniques to channel behavior and stop the meltdowns before they even start.

What's in the program?

When parents acquire the e-book, they will also receive six different bonuses. First up is a seven-week e-course about alternatives to punishments. Then parents will receive files written by parenting experts covering all sorts of topics that coincide with Dr. Ryan’s techniques. Each report builds upon the techniques he educates parents about. 

Another report that is included in the program is ‘The 11 super foods report.’ This will help parents understand how important the food choices we give our kids can affect their behaviors. Parents can easily change behaviors easily with dietary changes. As a parent of a child with ADHD, I learned firsthand long ago how his diet affected his behaviors, so I cut out the offending food and seen dramatic results. You will learn about those foods in this course. There are also three bonus files here, which parents can listen to as they go about their daily routine. All of these bonuses expand on the techniques in the book. 

My ThoughtsMy children are much too old for this program, but I wish I had been able to locate something like this when they were younger. I relied on my gut instincts and when I was not sure of the correct actions, I asked questions of other parents. This worked fine for my older children. However, when it came time to do raising my youngest son, who has ADHD, there was not much information. This program would have saved my son and I much frustration. This program covers much more than behavioral modification techniques for kids with ADHD. 

The Purchase Price and Trial This program will cost $39.97 but parents can begin using the program for under five dollars as a trial period. The remainder of the price is payable three weeks afterwards so that parents can use the information contained within the program to see if it works for their child. If for some reason, you are not satisfied with the program you have sixty days to get your money back. 
Date Reviewed: March 3, 2012, 11:24 am
Reviewed by Amy Browne
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