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Easily searchable database, 60-day Money Back Guarantee, all sorts of designs, tattoo choices that most people would not even think of


Credentials of the company are unknown, copyright issues not addressed on the website


If you are looking for an online database for tattoo designs, Chopper Tattoo is a fair choice. If you choose the wrong choice and have it tattooed on your body, this is certainly not Chopper Tattoo’s fault.

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Chopper Tattoo Design Database REVIEW - Worth signing up?

Chopper Tattoo is one of the largest tattoo design databases on the Internet. The company Chopper Tattoo claims that it holds the biggest selection of award winning tattoo designs online. The database is very user friendly and easily searchable. Tattoo designs are systematically categorized to help you search the most appropriate design for your needs within a very short time.


Tattoo creation is an art, and every tattoo lover wishes to have the most unique design in the world. With thousands of exclusive tattoo designs that can be browsed easily from the comfort of your home, Chopper Tattoo makes it possible to acquire the perfect design that makes you stand out in a crowd. Just think what can happen with this many choices combined with your own imagination and thoughts. If you thought you had some ideas before, well, the number of ideas you will have after using a database such as this would increase exponentially.

Chopper Tattoo guarantees that its choice of designs is greater than any other tattoo parlor in the world. It continues to add new and innovative designs every day. If you take their lifetime membership, you can be assured to have a perennial source of the very latest and contemporary designs for the rest of your life.

How to Use

All you need to do while using Chopper Tattoo is to select the tattoo design of your choice from their online tattoo design gallery. Once you have finalized the tattoo or tattoos of your choice, take a print out and visit your favorite tattoo artist to replicate the same design. If you do not know a good tattoo artist in your area, Chopper Tattoo even provides you with an online tattoo parlor locator.


If you purchase the membership of Chopper Tattoo, it will offer you three free bonuses. You will obtain free privileged access to eight creative online games that are offered via their website. Secondly, you will receive free privileged access to that offers free MP3 downloads. Finally, it will also provide you free access to unique Tattoo Lettering, in case you need to put any creative fonts or letters in your tattoos.

Membership Cost

Chopper Tattoo offers three different price slabs for membership. A one-month membership comes at a price of $19.95, two-month membership at $24.95, and lifetime membership at $34. If you are aiming to have just one permanent tattoo, you may choose the one-month membership to serve your purpose at the cheapest cost.

Depending on your interest and predilection for tattoos, you may like to opt for a lifetime membership, which is a one-time investment with no additional payments for life. In any case, every membership comes with a 100 percent Money Back Guarantee that is valid for 60 days from the date of purchase. Regardless, it is better than having to spend tons of money and effort removing a tattoo that came out badly from a design stand point.

What Others are Saying

Chopper Tattoo has received largely positive reviews from third party reviewers, although actual customer comments are not available. them, “Initially I was impressed with the ease of use of the members area of the website. It’s a really simple layout, and you don’t have to be a computer nerd to find your tattoo design quickly. The selection of tattoo designs Chopper Tattoo has is also impressive. At the time of this review they had about 3800 designs in a wide variety of categories.”

Date Reviewed: December 3, 2011, 2:32 am
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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