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Chronicle does all the basics of bill management programs that cost much more and does them better. This is one product that delivers an easy to use interface with graphs and features that anybody can use.


This product has no real cons at all other than the fact that it is not available across all systems.


Chronicle is one of the best products in the bill management area and comes highly recommended to everyone.

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Chronicle Bill Management from LittleFin Software
Chronicle Bill Management Review
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Full Review: Chronicle (Bill Management) by LittleFin Software

Not six months ago I had a bit of a tiff with my local power company. To make a long story short, I missed a bill and had to pay...a late fee. That's right...a late fee. The simple mention of the word is enough to send shivers down the back of anyone that pays bills. It is money that has to be paid due to nothing more than a mistake. Sometimes that mistake is our own and sometimes it is due to the company that is owed. It is during these times that I always wished I had something like Chronicle.

What is chronicle?

Chronicle is a bill organization program that can save you from ever having to pay a late fee again. Though this is the big draw for me, it is not the only benefit of having this product. Chronicle does many things well where your bills and spending are concerned:

  • Chronicle prevents missed payments in a highly effective way. This program reminds you of upcoming bills at intervals that you choose. It also give you an option right in the reminder pop up that allows you to go to the website and pay the bill.
  • Chronicle is a top shelf program to see where your debt is at a given time. It logs things as you go along and keeps up with what is left owing on things like car notes, home loans and credit card debt. This easy to read, lightweight program is powerful where debt reduction is concerned. Seeing your debt drop is empowering.
  • The program keeps a careful record of every single payment that you make, leaving you free to not worry about lost receipts and the like when the IRS comes calling. These records are easy to pull up and can be a lifesaver in a challenged situation with a company.
  • Chronicle is awesome for seeing where your money is going on a regular basis. Your financial profile is rather transparent when you pull up the various graphs and detail within Chronicle. The graphs also show your payments and how they increase or decrease to a company year over year.
  • Online payments have never been easier after you program them in. From there you can quickly and easily make online payments and log them in one fell swoop. No more jumping from menu to menu to try to find out where to input your bill payments. Now you can do it in one convenient location with this product. It really is that easy.

Can anybody get Chronicle?

This is a download for Mac OS X Snow Leopard or greater. They will sync wirelessly to your iPad and iPhone so you can check it out as you go.

Final Analysis

I have used several bill payment organizers over the years including many that cost much more than Chronicle. None of these products come close to being as neat, easy to read and organized as Chronicle. Most of these programs get too cute for their own good and cause me to get confused rather than informed. Chronicle is so easy to read and keep updated, it is easier to do it than not.

While Chronicle is not as advanced as some of the others, that is actually a good thing for many people like myself. For me, less is more in most cases. I want to see when my bills are due, pay them and then be able to prove it when necessary. I also like to compare what I spend year over year. Chronicle does these things in a clean, simple interface.

In short, Chronicle is a five star product in my book. As I searched the Internet to get the opinions of others, I found that they all seemed united about the greatness of this product. The only complaints I saw was that they were not available to everyone. Every computer is not compatible.

Chronicle is a solid, helpful product that many people would benefit a great deal from. It might even keep you from ever having to pay a late fee, or borrow money from one of those payday lenders to cover the bills. One can only hope, right?
Date Reviewed: April 4, 2012, 11:04 am
Reviewed by Rodney Southern
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