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Excellent CityVille Community Access Proven CityVille Auto Program Fun Membership Area Relatively Cheap


If you have a ton of CityVille friends already, you might not need this. If you're level 80+ you already know what you're doing.


If you're a social gamer and want to be the very best, this is a great and fun product. Everything is presented in a fun way and their very first strategy which I won't spoil will make you say "DUHH" because it's so simple and most of us just don't pay attention when we start a city. CityVille Club will give you the advantage over everyone you know and that's great if you're competitive like I am.

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The CityVille Club (Cash & Energy) - REVIEW

Before we get into the review of The CityVille Club which is a way to get cash and energy, let me tell you my story. I grew up with unforgivable games on the Atari 2600 then grew into more advanced systems like the NES, Genesis, SNES, etc.. In those days, social gaming meant you had to have a real friend come over and play with you. Fights were commonplace and groundings over games were frequent and expected. This all changed with the Playstation modem and the original Xbox Live. Most people didn't have PC internet in those days and if they did, it was those 2000 hours free discs (remember?). 

Today, gaming is much more than that. I don't like to use this word but Facebook especially has turned the "social" game into You have to work at these games religiously if you want to progress. There's various ways of doing this but they all require a lot of attention. Right now I probably have a farm filled with skeletons of cows, Indiana Jones is sitting alone in a tent, and my CityVille city is dreadfully half-completed due to lack of Facebook friends.
What many people won't understand but a true gamer like myself does is that these "social" games are more about friendly competition than actual gameplay. You want your city, farm, zoo or whatever to be cooler than your friends. It feels good doesn't it? You know it does. It may not be as satisfying as shooting them with a sniper rifle via Xbox Live but it's still a good feeling to be complimented on your top notch city design skills.

The CityVille Club is one way to raise the bar for your friends, family and coworkers who have ended up on your Facebook friends list. Will you have to add 100 Indians and Russians to your friends list to do this? I'm not certain to be honest. That's what I would do. 
The CityVille Club costs a little over $20 but before that price tag turns you off, see how far $20 gets you in FB credits or CityVille Cash. Not far at all. Let's see what you get for that $20.

The CityVille Club Secrets Guide

Legal Strategies Guide

Members-Only Access to the CityVille Club Forums and Bonus Area.

Latest Build of CityVille Bot


I didn't put a little blurb explaining each of these in detail as they're pretty straightforward. the exception is the CityVille Bot. This is a pretty cool piece of software that any PC or MAC can run. It does that basic stuff like collect rent, plant and harvest crops, handle supplying factories, and all those little repetitive things you may not really feel like doing all the time. How? It's basically a macro program but it's specific to this game and works great. We took the time to watch it on YouTube and there's a link to that video down below. Will it work with other Zynga games? I'm not sure but you could give it a whirl.

User Testimonials About CityVille Club

Brittany (Official Site)

"After a week of playing the game since I joined I hit level 80! I enjoyed reading them, a lot more simple than I thought. I'm really looking forward to new material. If you love CityVille get this :):)"

Hans David (Yahoo! Answers)

"...CityVille Club is a group of players that love playing CityVille so much they took the time to create a new online club dedicated to giving you the latest and most effective methods and strategies to leveling super fast and earning insane amounts of cash in the fastest time possible..."

The Bottom Line

Social games like CityVille can be played enjoyably without doing anything extra but for some of us, including me, I want to be bigger, better and cooler than my friends. Is it selfish? Probably. Is it worth it? Yes. I love being able to outdo my Uncle Bob in CityVille and we had a competition daily about it for about a year before we simply got hooked by some other Zynga game. If you plan to spend a couple bucks getting some neat landmarks or items anyway, you might as well spring for the CityVille Club. It does what it says it does and if you play social games, you understand.
Date Reviewed: February 10, 2012, 6:07 pm
Reviewed by Robert Sunset
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