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If you are looking to buy a skin care product that will help remove excess oil, dirt and impurities from deep withing the pores, speed up the healing process of acne marks and more, then look no further than the Clarisonic Mia, just make sure you are willing to pay the high price, which I like to look as more of as an investment rather than an expense.

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Clarisonic Mia from Clarisonic
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Is The Clarisonic Mia Worth The MEGA Hype?

Anyone who has skin problems such as acne knows how difficult it can be to find a product that works, and not only find a product that works but one that works long term also. 
After trying product after product that just did not work for me, I finally decided I would give the Clarisonic Mia a go. It had been on my mind for ages to try it after I had heard a lot of good things about it, however I was not sure about the $150 price tag, but since nothing else was working I decided the time was right. 

My Initial Thoughts
Being honest when I first glanced at the Mia my impression of it really wasn't much. To me it just looked like a brush head on a stick that you pressed a button and it rotated.
It was not actually until I started to use the device on my skin that I realized that the it was much more, it was an extraordinary experience being honest. 
After the first time using the device I was worried I would get additional acne breakouts because I have sensitive skin, however I did not. When I finished using it and looked in the mirror I had a glow not seen in years, my skin felt smooth, and my acne marks did not look that visible as they had before using it. 

Months on...
I know the real test of the Clariosnic Mia would be will it work after a few months, because I had used plenty of skin care products that worked short term then stopped. 
The good news is the Clarisonic Mia did work long term, and not only work but kept getting better. 

Each time I use the Mia my skin seems to look better. My acne marks are fading faster than they have previously, my skin feels smoother  and over-all and most importantly I am much happier with the way my skin looks.
After suffering from acne for many years I have a lot of knowledge of what should and should not work for my skin, and I have to say I am surprised that the Mia worked so well for my skin type. 

Surely It Can't Be As Good As You Make It Sound?
For me it is the best thing I have used for my skin, the only negative I can think of is the price really, it would be nice if it was cheaper, however for the results possible it is definitely worth it. 
The other thing I would like to say is there is no guarantee it will work for you, because as with all skin care products it really does depend on your skin type etc.

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If you decide the Mia is for you here is a few tips I would like to share with you. All of these tips have been things that have helped me since I have been using the Mia:
  1. Use your own cleanser and not the one that comes with the device. While there is nothing wrong with the cleanser that comes with the device it is not great. 
  2. Make sure to cleanse the brush head after each use or it will become dirty making it less effective.
  3. When cleansing the face do not put much pressure at all on the face, instead leave the rotating brush head do the work and you should see some really good results. 
Hope you find these tips helpful. If I find more tips that will help anyone who has or decided to buy the Mia I will make sure to update this section

Date Reviewed: April 8, 2012, 8:41 pm
Reviewed by JoeyThomas
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