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The product is all natural and requires no creams or medications. The system is very clear, thorough and easy to follow.


Users must purchase specific foods and ingredients to fully follow the program.


Users state that this product is effective in treating cold sores. They state that it generally takes about five days instead of three, but it does work.

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Cold Sore Free Forever from Derek Shepton
Cold Sore Free Forever Review
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"Cold Sore Free Forever" by Derek Shepton - REVIEW

Derek Shepton's Cold Sore Free Forever is a system that promises to help you get rid of your cold sores for good.  Millions of people experience cold sores and not a single one of them wishes to have a repeat occurrence.  Most have tried dozens of remedies and treatments to get rid of them once and for all.  

Why do I even get cold sores?

These annoying lesions result from the herpes simplex virus type 1.  Your first cold sore pops up because someone else with one infected you.  You may not even realize you were infected until the lesion erupts on your lip.  Some common modes of transmission include sharing eating utensils, kissing and sharing towels and razors.  Now, once you have had one cold sore, the virus that causes it stays in the nerve cells within your skin.  It just lies there dormant waiting for another chance to cause a cold sore.  Things like menstruation, fatigue, fever, stress and being exposed to the sun are all consequences related to encouraging a recurrence.  

Your doctor may prescribe topical treatments or certain oral antiviral medications.  These will effectively treat your current cold sore, but it will not cure the underlying virus that caused it to erupt in the first place.  The most common home remedies that are often recommended include over-the-counter ointments and over-the-counter pain relievers.  In terms of natural remedies, simply letting it heal and using heat or cold are the most widely used.

It is said that cold sores cannot be prevented or cured, but their frequency can be reduced.  This product was designed to prove this theory wrong and actually cure cold sores for good.

Cold Sores and Body Chemistry

This system is highly reliant on getting rid of cold sores forever by altering your body chemistry.  It is known that when the body is out of balance, a cold sore can occur.  This system does focus on getting the body chemistry to a state where cold sores cannot thrive, so if a person can do this, it would make sense that the system could be effective.

What are people saying about Derek Shepton's Cold Sore Free Forever?

This product makes the claim that you can indeed cure herpes simplex type 1 or cold sores naturally.  The creator of this product states that he suffered from these nasty eruptions for 12 years and then did some extensive research to find a way to permanently cure his cold sores.  He says that he has not had a single cold sore in five years.  The creator sells this product for $34.97 and does offer a 60-day money back guarantee.  

One user states that he is not disappointed with this product.  He states that it took five days instead of three days to cure his cold sore, but the product still worked rather effectively.  

Customers report that the first two chapters are dedicated to defining what a cold sore is, what the potential symptoms are and the effects of having this condition.  They state that chapter three focuses on what users absolutely have to do to deal with cold sores.  Chapters four and five detail two separate methods of how to treat cold sores.  The rest of the nine chapters look at how to live cold sore-free and an overall healthy life.  

Those who have worked through the system report that they received seven bonus “gifts” with this product.  These included books about chlorella and spirulina, superfoods, the benefits of water and other books that look at different diets and how they can better your health.  

Users claim that the system requires them to purchase additional ingredients.  These can be found at health food stores and grocery stores.  The instructions are said to be very easy to follow and very clear.  

The purpose of this system is to alter the body's chemistry.  By doing this, it is said that the virus that causes cold sores will never be able to come out of dormancy.  

Customers must eat certain foods, avoid certain foods and adopt certain behaviors to fully follow the program.  Subjects such as oxygenation therapy and DMSO are discussed and taught as natural ways to eliminate cold sores.

Biggest claims made by this product:

  • This Product will Cure Cold Sores in Just Three Days
  • The Product is Completely Natural and Effective
  • Users will Never have to Worry About an Occurrence
This product is said to take about five days instead of three to work, but customers are stating that it did work.  The instructions to use the system are easy to follow and while additional items are necessary to properly follow the system, they can be easily obtained at a grocery and health food store.  This method not only focuses on eliminating cold sores, but also on improving overall health.
Date Reviewed: March 4, 2012, 10:56 am
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