Coleman Instant 14 by 10 Foot 8- Person Two Room Tent
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Coleman Instant 14x10 8 Person Two Room Tent Review From: Coleman

Fast set up, roomy and comfortable, good value, sturdy construction. Good customer service.

You need a tarp underneath and to be vigilant in wind and rain. Needs better quality tent pegs.

Ideal family tent which can accommodate everyone's needs.

A reliable family tent you can put up in 1 minute? Check out the Coleman Instant

Looking for a roomy, comfortable family tent?

The Coleman Instant (14' x 10') may be just what you're looking for.

For $199.99 you get a spacious tent (sleeps up to 8 people) which is designed for quick assembly.

So even if you arrive at the campsite late at night or in wind and rain, you can soon have your shelter up and your campers happy.
Ideal for families and vacations where you will be moving around frequently

The poles are pre-attached to the tent, ensuring set up in '1 minute or less.'

Yes, that's one minute, folks. And plenty of people have put this claim to the test with Coleman coming out winning.

With two doors and seven windows, a rooms divider, waterproof walls and a welded floor this is a sturdy, practical design. 

To set it up you just unfold the tent, spread it out, extend the poles, click them together, and lock them into place. Eureka! you have a full two-room tent with a center height of 6 feet 5 inches.
There are plenty of online videos demonstrating the quick and easy set up (as watched by the family cat!).

Coleman promise that this product is 'as strong and weatherproof as ever,' designed to keep you dry when the rain comes down. With a welded floor, inverted floor seams and a 'wind-responsive' frame; Coleman 'guarantees its WeatherTec tents will keep you dry.'

'Perfect for the family that is looking to get their campsite set up quickly to start enjoying the outdoors,' say Coleman.

And families who have tried it, generally agree.
'This tent has performed like a champ for the camping we did this summer,' said one reviewer.

 'EASY to set up. The external frame and tent never come apart, so you don't have a chance to lose anything. On our first outing it rained, but we stayed nice and dry (be sure to use a ground cloth or tarp under your tent); there are plenty of windows in the tent, and the tent can be divided into two rooms - front and back.'

Be warned though - this is not a backpacking tent, it's heavy to lift and ideally requires two people to set up. Sturdily constructed of good materials and the engineering is such that it is able to give and sway a bit in the wind.

Talking of wind - many customers recommend purchasing more substantial tent pegs that the ones that are included, especially if you anticipate strong winds or heavy gusts.

This will make it a '5-star tent' according to one customer.

Take down of the tent is easy, too, and there is plenty of room for larger families. 
'Plenty of room for our family of five,' said one mom. 'The room divider was wonderful. My husband didn't think he'd like it (being separated from the kids) but he admitted he liked having our stuff separated from theirs & not having to paw through everyone's things & bedding to get to our own.'
Customers also like the two doors and lots of windows. 

'It is awesome inside,' said one review. 'I love that so much of it is screened. The room dividers role up real nice and they are permantly attached to the tent so you dont have to keep track of them if you choose not to use them.'
'This tent is exactly what I was looking for,' said another. 'It sets up in less than 5 mins and is roomy as hell. I love being able to open up all the windows for a screen house effect. The tent also packs up pretty good too.'

Although some people reported problems with putting the tent back into its original bag.

And the all-important weatherproofing? Well there are some people who experienced leaks but the vast majority say it holds up to Coleman's promise of being waterproof.
'It did rain and the inside stayed dry. Although there were a few spots where leaks occurred. These were around the inside pockets and dividers. I've sealed the seams when we got back for extra protections.'
So ideally you should seal your seams and make sure all the zippers are properly zipped, especially around the the main doors.

'I used my tent in the rain and it held up without any leaks,' said another. Reports also state that the tent is very stable in the wind.

One buyer who did experience leaks through the divider seam emailed photos of the problem to Coleman and was sent a replacement model, so Coleman gets a big tick for customer service. 

And customer support is available in a variety of ways: live chat, email, telephone and more.
And a few people mentioned issues with lack of ventilation once everything is zipped tight during the rain.

Personally, I would take an rain fly to be absolutely sure that my camping trip did not end up a damp one... but given that this tent has more than 150 five star reviews, overall I have to agree with one buyer that for the price this is, 'an awesome family cabin-style tent from Coleman; I expected to pay a lot more for the name, and have not been disappointed in the quality.'
Date Reviewed: May 11, 2012, 1:24 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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