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Simple; easy to follow Based on military training Doesn't contain any gimmicks


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It's a good plan for those who are into tough, militant trainers--the book is filled with practical information anyone can use.

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Combat the Fat from Jeff Anderson
Combat The Fat Review
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"Combat the Fat" by Jeff Anderson - REVIEW

Weight loss--it's all about calories in, calories out, right?  Not necessarily, according to Jeff Anderson, a former U.S. Military fitness trainer.  The real key to losing a lot of weight isn't in the calories you eat, but what you eat, how you eat, and how your diet addresses a chain of "metabolic factors".  By addressing these factors, you won't run into plateaus and will continue to lose weight.  

He details this in his 160 page eBook--Combat the Fat.

What is Combat the Fat?

Anderson has taken an unique approach to weight loss--approaching it from the mindset of a military soldier.  Coming from a military background where being fit meant the difference between life and death, Anderson's methods are largely derived from the methods he personally used to get soldiers in shape.  

And after all, if this program can whip soldiers in combat shape, what could it do for the average person?  That's the premise of the book--eat and train like a solider to get lean.

The book is split into two parts--the eating section and the training section.

How to Eat and Exercise

Anderson believes weight loss is based on eight metabolic factors that combine eating right and exercising.  These eight factors include:

Mission Planning: To achieve weight loss, you need to have a plan.  Anderson recommends creating specific, measurable, and realistic goals, such as planning to lose 10lbs in two months.  General goals, such as "I just want to get ripped" are too vague and can make it hard to visualize what you need to do to achieve your goal.  By naming numbers, dates, and measurements you want to reach, it's easier to visualize, and you'll be more motivated to reach your goals.

Stop Dieting: Dietitians may be behind dieting, but Anderson isn't.  He says--through scientific research--you need to exercise as well as "eat right," otherwise you won't the fat inside of you, called subcutaneous fat.  Simply dieting alone won't do any good if you don't exercise enough.

Chemical Warfare: Anderson says that the quality of your food--not the quantity--is ultimately more important for "stripping off the fat."  When you eat less optimal foods, such as pizza or hamburgers, it actually affects your fat-burning ability down to the cellular level, creating "lazy" cells that make it harder to lose weight.  Eat more natural foods and you'll have an easier time dropping the pounds.

Nutritional Fire Power: The USDA wants us to eat 6 to 11 servings of grains everyday--but our ancestors, the "cave-dwellers", never ate grains.  Coincidentally, the obesity rate has skyrocketed in conjunction with the USDA's recommendation.  Coincidence?  Anderson argues it isn't a coincidence--it's a fact grains are fattening, and should be minimized to promote weight loss.

Fat Blasting Hormones: Anderson says hormones play a huge factor in how lean--or fat---we are.  To control it, he recommends getting enough sleep, supplementing with melatonin and zinc picolinate, avoiding stress, and keeping insulin levels under control--by eating foods that don't cause sugar spikes, such as white bread and pasta.

Maximizing Your Metabolism: For a higher metabolism, your best defense is having more muscle mass, which ensures you're burning more calories, and thus fat, all day long.  To do this, Anderson recommends strength training--even if you don't want to be a bodybuilder.

Military PT: To really unleash that fat-burning furnace, Anderson believes in the power of long duration cardio and bodyweight exercises--both designed to trim away that troublesome fat.  Combining both will result in a leaner, tighter body.

Killer Instinct: To lose weight, consistency matters--and if you don't stay consistent, you'll fail.  Anderson says this is the most important key of his plan, even more than eating right or strength training.

Will it Work for Me?

Now here's the question most people want to know: Will it work for me?

In a nutshell, yes, it can.  Anderson essentially takes the guesswork out of counting your calories, so even when you're not counting calories, you're unconsciously creating a deficit that helps you shed those stubborn pounds.

However, you have to keep in mind that Anderson's teaching style isn't suited for everyone, since he is apologetically brutal and hardcore.  He doesn't allow you to make excuses or modifications to his plan.  You either do it--or you don't.

If you want to have a flexible plan, then this program probably won't suit your needs.  But if you need a kick in the butt--a kick to force you to start making changes--then Combat the Fat is a good solution for you.  Just expect to put in a lot of work; there's no goofing around on this diet plan.

Date Reviewed: February 2, 2012, 1:52 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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