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Bargain price if all materials are complete. Intuitive 'pilot's approach' to learning


Customer service issues are considerable. Trouble with downloading, contacting owner, delivery of material.


Check with FAA or your flight school to ensure you're buying accurate and up to date materials. Could be a real bargain but could be a frustrating waste of time and money.

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Complete Private Pilot Training Manual - Bruce Hogan from
Complete Private Pilot Review
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Complete Private Pilot (by Bruce Hogan) - REVIEW

Soar like an eagle...
So so tempting.
But as we know (or think we know...) so expensive.
Learning to fly an aeroplane is certainly a commitment. And it's not just all those hours up in the air training, but you also have to complete comprehensive written exams, with study completed at groundschool.
Which can cost almost as much as those expensive (but exhilarating!) hours in the air.
And its the groundschool exams that Bruce 'Flyboy' Hogan's Complete Private Pilot training course is intended to help you with.
'The easiest way to obtain your pilot license,' he says.
In 30 days or less (no less).
Bruce says that flying has always been in his blood. As a passionate young boy 'piecing together rickety old contraptions' to a United Airlines pilot.
His career includes owning a flight school and training hundreds of Private Pilots, Instrument Ratings Commercial Pilots, Airline Transport Pilots and Flight Instructors.
As a certified instructor in both single engine and multi engine aircraft his credentials appear good.
And now he has created, 'the first course to provide the student pilot with a true "real world" perspective of what learning to fly is really all about.'
The package contains video explanations, 'the best' illustrations and diagrams, the actual FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) exam study pack, private pilot syllabus tests and study guides.
Promoted as a complete ground school course; the package covers both helicopters and fixed-wing licenses and comes in an interactive CD format. Plus tuition in Navigation, Meteorology, Aviation Law, Wind, Aircraft checks and jargon!
Bruce promises instant access to everything you need to fully prepare you for your first flight and, 'virtually guarantee your success in learning to fly.'
At $37 (limited time offer) this certainly appears like an amazing deal.
I have taken my private pilot's license through attending groundschool and buying all the materials from the FAA. So I know how much this material costs and it is considerably more than $37.
Which does, to be honest, make me suspicious. 
If you read the small print it becomes clear that the format of the package is in a download.
Well it would have to be a mammoth download to be equivalent to all the materials I bought when I was studying for the private pilot groundschool exams. 
However Bruce 'Flyboy' has some convincing testimonials on his site. He also emphasizes his 'intuitive' pilots approach which (according to him) gives added value to his material.
But searching further it seems that my skepticism was justified.
One person clearly hadn't read the small print - but had believed that the nice illustrations of books and manuals on the website meant you would be buying real books and manuals...
'They lead you to believe that they are mailing you this full training package only to find out you have to download the whole thing in a non-comprehensible format that makes little sense on how to approach the training. Most of the files are from the FAA which you can get for free and 6 items of the package had damaged files.'
So the first thing to do for all you aspiring eagles out there is to check what is available free from the FAA!
There are also some very unhappy customers who never received their training packages.
'I ordered the Complete Private Pilot Training Course online on Sept. 23, 2010. On Oct. 25, 2010, I submitted a ticket via the trellis desk support page. The response was a message telling me the the order had shipped 2 days after I ordered it and to wait a week or so... I am still waiting for a resolution.  I was charged $67 on Sept. 23, 2010 but I still don't have anything to show for it.  Google "Bruce Hogan" and see what you get.'
Which you should do before spending any money on this package.
Other customers have also reported trouble contacting Bruce Hogan if there are issues.  
But Bruce does have some supporters.
'Bruce has amassed a tremendous amount of material sourced from FAA handbooks, his personal experience, FAA Written Exams and more... I don't know if I can recommend new flyers undertake traditional ground schooling anymore... it might just be a waste of money.'
So some people are convinced that Bruce's material is an adequate replacement for the official books and study guides - the ones without Bruce's 'personal touch.'
However I would highly recommend you checking out the FAA training manuals and study packages. I know from experience that their material is professional, comprehensive and accurate. I also know that the groundschool exams are not easy and you may require the assistance of a teacher to help you with some of the content.
Bruce Hogan's material is a bargain if it is comprehensive and complete - but the customer service issues noted by customers are significant.
Date Reviewed: December 6, 2011, 9:26 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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