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Make Small Talk Sexy - Conversation Escalation from Make Small Talk Sexy
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Review of "Conversation Escalation" - What are real guys saying about it?

Have you ever sat in the bar and watched a guy - an ordinary guy just like you - have women all twinkly-eyed and laughing and thought, 'how does he do that?'

Because every time you try you find yourself freezing up, or panicking because you can feel your 'well' of conversation drying up. 

Or she's looking bored, or in the other direction, or (you can see) preparing an excuse to leave?

Well, according to Bobby Rio, author of 'Make Small Talk Sexy: Conversation Escalation' - you can be the other guy! The one who has them all relaxed and happy and willing to stay just a little bit longer.

This audio book promises to give you the conversation secrets that will turn you into a smooth, confident talker.

And we're not talking 'deep rapport' here - those conversations you may have had where you connect with a woman but on a 'friend' level, with no hint of flirtation or fun.

Enough of that!

Bobby promises that you can create conversation that 'flows from beginning to end and creates attraction, rapport and sexual tension.'

Just like that guy over there.

This is a course for the guy who finds his mind shutting down (especially when you're trying to think of something cool or witty to say); the one who feels overshadowed by the other, more natural talkers. The ones who, when they do manage to get a girl's number, sit with the phone in their hands too worried about the imminent conversation to call.

Now you only have to look at any dating site to learn that it's not looks or money that get you the girls. These are no use to you if you can't talk.

That's what creates attraction, that ignites the spark.

And we're don't mean talking about the ball game, or your next DIY project. Or even something that interests her... it's about having fun talking of nothing particular.

Having a laugh, as they say in England. 

'He was a right laugh,' my friends always say, and it's the highest compliment, because it means that the girl was able to relax and enjoy herself.

Because if you rely on the 'topics you're interested in' angle, then what happens when that runs dry?

This is what Make Small Talk Sexy is all about. Transitioning smoothly, keeping it cool but sexy.

This program will, 'implant the skill of carrying a conversation with a woman into your game, brain, and personality.'

You can make your small talk fun, playful and sexy. And, according to Bobby, this 'short circuits' the brain of the woman you are talking to by 'appealing to her emotions.'

So you are always 'in the Zone' with women.

The program is practical in that it is based on specific routines as well as more generalized approaches. There are hundreds of 'bite size' game changers which will, with practice, become part of the way you naturally communicate.

Because, lets face it, we women all know when a line has been purely rehearsed. We can sniff out natural from forced at 100 paces.

The Make Small Talk Sexy - Conversation Escalation website lists many ways that this program can help you with those awkward transitions; including 'rapport triggers', how to think spontaneously, how to deal with women who are fishing for compliments, mental exercises to help you through those awkward moments, storytelling techniques and how to quickly get into the woman's 'model of the world.'

You'll also hear 5 of the best pickup artists in the world explain their techniques.

The package costs $27 and comes with a month of email support and an set of 'conversation cheat cards' to keep in your pocket for quick tips.

So what is the word in the clubs and bars on Bobby's techniques?

Pretty good, actually. 

'...the advice on how building rapport is good... Solid suggestions on what to say and when to say it made sense,' said one reviewer.

'Bobby Rio offers a conversational strategy that should work. At least I will have fun trying it,' said another.

Which is entirely in the spirit of this material. It's about having fun and help to overcome shyness or awkwardness.

Taken not-too-seriously it's a good deal.

There's also a facebook page which will give you a better idea of what you're paying for - for example outlines of the 'modules' ('banter workshop') and free video workshop.

But just a side line piece of advice from me... keep those 'tip sheets' out of sight. That's the biggest passion killer I've heard of in a long time.

Have fun and they will!
Date Reviewed: March 21, 2012, 9:33 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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