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Affordable and easy to use. Great for your pet's health.


You have to remember to chill the lining regularly.


An innovative product for pet owners. Worth the price to keep fresh, cool water handy.

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The Cooling Pet Bowl from Sharper Image
Cooling Pet Bowl Review
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Cooling Pet Bowl (by Sharper Image) - FULL REVIEW

Do you leave your pet at home while you go to work all day? Do you leave water out for your dog or cat only to find it gets warm quickly? Pets need cool fresh water to stay healthy and hydrated but it can be difficult to keep the water in their bowls fresh, especially if you spend long hours at work. The Cooling Pet Bowl is a product designed to help take care of this problem even while you are away from home.

It promises to keep your petís water cool all day or all night, so they never have to drink warm, stale water again. Warm water not only tastes bad but it can also be filled with bacteria that can make your pet sick. The Cooling Pet Bowl is designed with a gel lining that you can take out, freeze and then place back in the bowl. Itís quick and easy to use and you can keep it and the bowl clean at all times.

You want to keep your pet happy and healthy. There are many ways to do this but the cooling pet bowl will help.†

This gel lining acts like an ice cube but without the choking hazard that comes with real ice and it wonít melt like ice does. Keeping your pet's water cool and refreshing will promote more drinking and also stave off bacteria that could be harmful for your pet. It sounds like a pretty good idea to me, although I have yet to try it for myself.

This sounds like a simple, affordable product that is practical in day to day use. However, I've seen many products before that sound good but really aren't as practical as they seem. I wanted to see what this cooling pet bowl comes with and what it can do so I did a little more research. So hereís a little more about it and the features that it comes with.


The Cooling Pet Bowl has the following features:

  • Slip resistant gel lining
  • Slip resistant bowl
  • 24 ounce water capacity
  • Color changing gel liner
  • Quick freeing gel


The gel liner freezes in about 2 hours and will last for at least eight hours per freezing. Itís portable and easy to use and holds enough water to keep your pet hydrated. The gel lining will not come loose so you donít have to worry about it becoming a choking hazards. The bowl is slip resistant base so your pet wonít have to chase the bowl around. It doesn't need any batteries and there are no cords to pose a choking hazard to your pet.

The Downside

The only downside associated with the cooling pet bowl is that you do have to remember to freeze the liner about twice a day. You could do this before you leave for work and once you come home from work or you could freeze it over night and have it ready when you get up to leave in the morning.All in all, that's not a bad con though.

What are people saying?

So what do real pet owners have to say about this pet bowl? Mike Loves His Dog says, ďLove this product. I think its called a Frobo. Recently, got it as a gift for my dog and after 2 hours placing the inner freezer core in freezer, it was ready to go. My dog kept returning to his bowl through out the day to drink. I touched the water after 4 hours and it was colder than when i had put it in. Crazy!! My dog is happy and so am I. A nice find by Sharper Image.Ē

All in All

As a dog owner myself, Iím intrigued by this product and what it can do. It comes at an affordable price and I am looking forward to trying it out for myself. I think my pup would love having cool, fresh water to drink even when no one is home to refill his bowl. It sounds like a great idea and Iím eager to try it out.

Date Reviewed: March 31, 2012, 12:59 pm
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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