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Uses IMGburn, a great program. Money Back Guarantee


IMGburn is free. You absolutely can NOT play burned console games without a modded system. No Trial/Demo


You should only buy this if you have a modded system and no clue how to burn a disc and are too lazy to figure it out.

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Copy That Game from Unknown
CopyThatGame Review
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CopyThatGame CD/DVD Copy Software - FULL REVIEW

I don't like to give anything a review this low but Copy That Game simply will not work on any game made since around 1990. What does it do exactly? It does make a 1:1 copy of most things just like it says but unfortunately to play them, you have to have a modded console. If it's a PC game, you'll have to find a cracked .exe file to make it work and even then it may not work properly. I know a bit about all this because I have an old Xbox that has been hacked into a media center to stream video from my PC and a modded Wii that plays backups and homebrew games.

If you just take a look at what this product offers, it's simply too good to be true. It would be 100% illegal and shut down after making the owners a billion dollars overnight if it actually worked. Let's do this review the right way and break it down by what's offered:

Makes Perfect 1:1 Copies Of All Your Games, Easily

This is actually true. You will end up with an exact copy of most things you can possibly stick into your DVD drives. Not PS3 games, don't even bother with those at all. Copy That Game comes with a version of the program "IMGburn" and I've used it exclusively to burn copies of my Wii games. It works great, I'll admit to that right now. The biggest problem is, you simply can't use this perfect copy unless you have a modded system.

By-Passes "Unbreakable Protection" Easily

I'll be honest here, I'm not sure what this means. I have to assume it means some kind of old style copy protection. DRM or Digital Rights Management software comes in many, many forms that could be anything from limiting a game to specific computers, limiting installation attempts, restricting it to online verification and similar things. While most DRM can be bypassed, unfortunately you lose most of a game's fun. You can bootleg MW3 but then you can only play it alone or jump through a million hoops to play with a couple strangers who are probably cheating anyway. It's just not worth it in most cases.

Keep Your Originals In Mint Condition

This depends. If you've already got a chipped or modded system, you can absolutely use this software to do this. If the only game you own is XCOM (the original) you can probably also copy that and run it just fine. Anything recent? Well, that sort of depends. It's entirely possible to play newer games via copied disc as long as you own them, have the product codes, can connect online and things like that. If your goal is to collect a pile of pristine PC discs, this software will let you do that in some cases.

True Testimonials

Superdork (Yahoo! Answers)

"Does it say that you'll be able to play the backup game? It's probably possible to make a copy of a game but getting it to actually play is another story..."

MaxStone (AfterdawnForums)

"..."copythatgame" should be called "copythatsoftware", as all it is, is a copy of the imgburn software which is good but free...CopyThatGame claims you can copy xbox games but your pc can't even read a XBOX disk to begin with"

You Aren't Speaking Highly of This. Tell Me The Good Points.

There is a little bit here that is useful with Copy That Game. The software and the tutorials that come with it could possibly be handy for someone with very little technical knowledge about copying things to DVDs. IMGburn is a great program and I highly recommend it to anyone for burning pretty much anything. Copy That Game uses a version of IMGburn so that's the good part.
If you've never burned a disc in your life, this can show you how. The problem is, it's almost $30 to learn how to do this. If you have $30 burning a hole in your pocket, happen to have a modded system laying around and have no clue how to burn a disc, this wouldn't be a bad choice. That's the only reason to buy it.
Date Reviewed: February 8, 2012, 9:30 pm
Reviewed by Robert Sunset
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