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Can hold two dslr cameras and large tele zoom lenses, it's comfortable, it is the safest way of carrying your dslr camera and lenses when not in use, it is tough and durable, it is the best camera carrying system


It's not cheap but then it is the best camera carrying product available, you are going to get some strange looks wearing one.


If you want to carry your dslr cameras and long tele lenses in comfort and pain free all day long the Cotton Carrier system is the product for you. It is also the safest way of carrying cameras and will ensure they are well protected.

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Cotton Carrier Camera Vest System from Cotton Carrier
Cotton Carrier Review
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Cotton Carrier Vest System - The ultimate camera carrying device

A camera strap is an essential piece of kit that is often under estimated. A camera strap will stop your expensive dslr camera, and lens, from striking the ground which could break it beyond repair. Over the years I have tried many different camera straps and carrying systems. You name it and I reckon I have tried it. Hand straps, wrist straps, neck straps, chest pods and sniper style straps – I have tried them all. Out of all the different camera straps the one I found the easiest to use, and the most versatile was the sniper style strap, until I discovered the Cotton Carrier vest system that is.

The Cotton carrier vest system consists of a small chest plate that is worn like a harness. On the front of the chest plate there is a groove in which sits a metal ball, which you attach to the tripod plate of your camera. Attaching the camera to the vest plate simply involves holding the camera horizontal and sliding the ball in to the metal groove. Once the ball is at the bottom of the groove you turn the camera ninety degrees (so it is pointing down towards the ground) and it locks in place. If you want to get the camera off the chest plate you turn the camera ninety degrees to the horizontal position and slide the ball out of the groove. Attaching the camera to the chest plate, and removing it again takes a couple of seconds so you can be ready to take an image in an instant and never miss a photo opportunity again.

Setting up the Cotton Carrier vest system is a long winded affair and will take some time and effort. There are so many adjustable straps and bits and pieces to slide up and down you are going to have to spend some minutes getting the right fit. I found setting up the vest system very annoying but once I got the right fit I was very impressed. Once you get the Cotton Carrier vest system fitted you will soon appreciate how comfortable, and stable, this vest system is.

The first thing you will notice about the Cotton Carrier Vest system is the build quality. This product is exceptionally is tough, durable and very well made. All the components are made out of good quality materials and everything fits together like it should. The Cotton Carrier Vest system is a great product that is built to last.

Whilst you can use the Cotton Carrier Vest system with any digital slr camera and lens combination I use mine with my fully gripped Canon 7d and Canon 100 – 400L IS USM zoom lens for bird photography and motor sports photography. A fully gripped Canon 7d and Canon 100 – 400 zoom lens combination is very heavy yet the Cotton Carrier Vest system deals with it perfectly. Carrying this combination on my chest feels light and I can carry the camera and lens around all day and not even notice it. When I used the same camera and lens combination on the sniper strap, before I got the Cotton Carrier Vest system, I used to find the strap would dig in to my shoulders after a few hours and by the end of the day I was in agony. With the Cotton Carrier Vest system I am pain free all day.

Another great feature of the Cotton Carrier Vest system is the ability to carry two cameras, the first on the chest plate and the second on the holster, which is on your waist. With this I can have a Canon 7d with the 100 – 400 lens on my chest plate and carry a second Canon 7d with the 24 – 70 2.8L lens on my waist. With this set up I can effectively cover 24mm – 400mm (and even more if I use the Canon extender) without having to swap lenses and risk missing shots, or getting a dirty sensor. 

Compared to other camera carrying systems the Cotton Carrier Vest system isn’t cheap but it is well worth spending the additional money and buying one of these. When you consider the cost of two fully gripped Canon 7d cameras, one with a 100 – 400 zoom lens and the other with a 24 – 70L lens, you are going to want to make sure they are securely fastened to your body when not in use. With a few thousand dollars worth of photographic equipment so you are going to want to protect it with the best product, right? And the best product in this situation is the Cotton Carrier.

I have to admit the Cotton Carrier does look a bit “strange” when it is on and I do get some odd looks by passers-by, but most of these are members of the general public. The Cotton Carrier doesn’t seem to be that popular where I live but this is not surprising given they have not been available for very long. It does get a lot of attention from other photographers, all of whom are definitely impressed though.

The Cotton Carrier vest system is, without a doubt the best camera carrying system I have ever used. Once the vest is adjusted to the right fit it is extremely comfortable and you will soon forget you are even wearing it. Once the camera is attached to the vest plate it is safe and secure and not going anywhere, unless you want it to of course. Would I recommend the Cotton Carrier Vest system? Most definitely. There really is only one camera carrying system to buy and that is the Cotton Carrier Vest system.

Date Reviewed: July 24, 2012, 12:19 pm
Reviewed by foto_reviewer
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