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CreditLoan PayDay Loans Review From: CreditLoan

No credit check Security of information No credit/bad credit OK Seen in several reputable sources

Some view CreditLoan as a scam Several complaints Not all applicants are approved

As far as high-interest 'bad credit' loans, this company seems to be on the up-and-up. The company takes security seriously and has implemented high level of encryption.

CreditLoan (PayDay Loans) Review - How does it stack up to other lenders?

What determines the qualification of a loan? Well, it’s more than a pretty face or a manly swagger. The checklist is actually quite extensive and should you fall under any category (no credit, bad credit, low income/laid off, divorce) you may see that big red stamp of DENIED punched diagonally across your application; all hope for financial restitution is dashed.

If you’re blessed enough to have happy faces beside each key factor, then off to a regular financial institution you go. No worries. You can skip even. No one will judge you. Promise. On the flip side, if you see unhappy faces beside any key factor, then approval can be difficult. There may even be finger crossing involved. You may have to look somewhere other than the bank that you’ve held an account with since you were seven. Some worries. Less skipping. No one will judge you. Truth be told, most everyone has had a blip (minor or not) on their credit score. It’s stated on that some ten million US residents have poor credit.

So, what is CreditLoan and what’s their deal? At the top right corner of their home page they mention: Seen on The New York Times, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and Fast Company – All reputable sources, obviously. Even as you scroll down, you’ll find an article that’s packed full of things you need to be cautious about when applying for a personal loan. In this same article, there isn’t mention of “Pick CreditLoan today!” or “You can’t go wrong with CreditLoan!” – Instead, it’s informative, things you need to take into consideration whether taking out a loan from a banking institution or one that’s classified as a “Bad Credit Loan”. Information is power. And, when we’re talking finances, power is something we all need to have.

It sounds fishy right, a ‘bad credit loan’? Well, some consider it to be. We’re all open to our own interpretations and we’re all allowed to have our own opinions. Bad credit loans are among one of those debatable topics where it all depends on what’s right for you. In the situation of, they offer a loan of $250 to $5,000 without a credit check and a secure online application.

The answer to whether or not this company and its site are legit isn’t cut and dry, it’s as though we’re comparing apples to oranges. Or, rather the prior and prospective applicants are comparing apples to oranges. Some rave about the security of information entered into the necessary fields. Others complain and conclude that the company is a farce.

Delving into the company’s history, it’s been on the go in the US since 1998 showing some sense of stability in financial backing. Instead of funding the loan itself, it’s the version of money. They take your information and pair it with lenders to see what comes up. Ping! You’re a winner!

Further along the line, has seen online accreditation which no one can refute. Under its belt, has attained the TRUSTe seal (illustrating the company’s agreement to practice and adhere to online privacy standards) and a Verisign SSL certificate (maintaining a high level of encryption and security), each of which enhance the viability of the company.

As with most online financial unsecure online loans, there will always be someone that claims the site is nothing short of a scam. isn't free from that claim.  There are applicants who have stated that they’ve followed all the rules and regulations and log off the net with payment of fees upfront while never seeing a red cent in return. Then there are those who’ve done a Google search only to find the words: complaints and scam. (Isn’t this true for most services though?)

The consensus of is that it’s there during financial struggle. It provides extensive options as far as monetary concerns go and appears to define its tagline: Real answers. Real solutions.

Date Reviewed: October 11, 2011, 3:00 pm
Reviewed by melissamac
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