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It's portable and efficient, easy to use and clean.


It doesn't work magic.. for large quantities of something only semi-soft, its performance may not stun.


The Smart Stick is a good-quality product that has so far suited us just fine!!

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Cuisinart CSB-76BC SmartStick Hand Blender from
Cuisinart SmartStick Hand Blender Review
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Just what can the Smart Stick accomplish?

First off, I’ll say the Smart Stick is a pretty cool device, and it can be used for countless purposes around the kitchen, making life that much easier when you need to blend just a little something. You can use it for drinks, sauces, shakes…pretty much whatever strikes your fancy! We actually didn’t buy it for food related issues, however (I know that sounds funny), but primarily use it for making soap, for which it has worked like a champ over the past few years.

It’s very simple to use with a ‘press and hold as long as you want the thing to run’ button, comfortably placed on the handle, and the blade detaches with a button on back for easy cleaning. Both the Smart Stick and the small container it comes with are dishwasher safe. The beauty of the thing is its diversity and availability, as it can blend pretty much regardless of where you are in the kitchen (although you will need to have an outlet nearby), and it comes TO your in-need-of-blending matter, instead of the other way around.

Buuut (always gotta have one of those, right?), my family being about the size of a small football team, we cook in bulk, so to speak…and though the Stick tries, it can’t always keep up with our demands. Take pea soup, for instance. When made in gallons, and needing to be well purĂ©ed, the Stick does a fair job, considering, but won’t get it perfectly smooth (especially if the peas aren’t completely soft). And keep in mind, it is small, so if you set out to thoroughly blend something of substantial quantity, you might need just a little patience. While it has a good motor on it, 200 watts or something, I wouldn’t recommend using it for anything that might need more of a ‘chopping’ (i.e. frozen fruits) rather than a blending. If the fruit were softened a while, though, I think it’s safe to say it’d work like magic.

Another plus—it’s relatively quiet. And I know we’re all fans of that. And it's light; good to know you won't get a cramp in your hand or a muscle ache using it. Its size also makes it easy to store. Oh, and ALSO (awesome alert!), you can pick your favorite color—they offer quite a variety! How cool is that, especially for those of you who love to keep your kitchen color-coordinated? (Wait, color-coordinated? What’s that? Oh yeah, sorry…remember I mentioned I come from a loud—excuse me, large—family? You forget the importance of color coordination when you’re passed down a left shoe from an older sister and right from your older brother. And that’s only a mild exaggeration.)

So, I definitely think the Smart Stick holds its own place in the kitchen. While I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a necessity, I do think it could pay itself off fairly quickly. It can be a relief to have a second option when you really don’t feel like transferring your mess to an upright blender. If you like to cook at home and cook from scratch, I’d say you just might love the Stick for its wide range of capability. You do have to be reasonable with it, though, and not expect miracles…and isn’t the same true for every product? In short, I would say it's great for that spur-of-the-moment smoothie or salad dressing, or mixing up whatever concoction your creativity can come up with ease and a sweet lack of mess!!

You can check out the detailed specs and all that stuff at Amazon, where it's available for $30.

To see the SmartStick in action, watch this in-depth video!
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Date Reviewed: May 4, 2012, 10:01 am
Reviewed by annmarie
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