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A nice quality cultured pearl necklace in pink.


It's very long and for some people, it would get caught on things or just be too long to wear and enjoy.


If you're looking for a stunning pearl necklace at a fraction of the cost of genuine pearls, this necklace is a winner.

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Pink Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace from Amazon Collections
Cultured Pink Pearl Necklace Review
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A Pearl Necklace a Non-Pearl Fan Can Love

I am not a huge fan of pearls because most of the ones I have seen have been fake pearls and they just do not look right.† I was bored one night and was surfing around and found this freshwater pearl necklace.† I was stunned by the color of the pearls! I have never seen pink pearls; I always thought that they were white only (or some shade of cream).† The pink is not a hot pink or anything; more of a blush color that a rose wine would have but stunning nonetheless.†

What are cultured pearls?

Now, these are not natural forming pearls that you see at sea parks where you pick an oyster and see what the pearl looks like.† A cultured pearl is one that is made by man using a mollusk.† It takes some time for the pearl to form but because of the shape of the irritant that is put in the mollusk, the pearls come out in a more uniform manner.† You may be wondering how a person who knew nothing about pearls knows this but itís no mystery because it was explained as a part of the product description and I found it interesting and thought you would, too. So letís take a look at this particular cultured pearl necklace and see if it stacks up.

Product Features
  • Semi Round Cultured Pearl
  • 8.5 to 9mm in Size
  • Gold Clasp
  • Good Quality Pearls
  • 36 Inches
  • Gold clasp
After doing some more research, I learned that a good quality pearl is perfectly acceptable and does carry some value even if they are cultured and not natural.† Of course a pearl necklace of this length made of natural pearls would cost a great deal more than three hundred dollars.† Having said that, this necklace has been seriously discounted and the price is actually quite good for cultured pearls.

What Made Me a Fan

I just adore the color of this pearl necklace.†

I love the unusual nature of the color and the discounted price is a definite plus.† At a savings of over seventy five percent the price of the piece of jewelry is enough to make me pause and think seriously about investing in them.† This is the type of thing you wear on special occasions or even with your favorite pair of jeans just to glam it up a bit. You can also pass it down to future generations. I love the idea of having a nice jewelry collection I can share with my kids as they grow older. It will offer something of value and sentiment as family heirlooms.

This pearl necklace is the perfect type of choice for exactly that. After all, a piece of jewelry like this is more of an investment because you never know when the price will go up and if nothing else, it is a nice necklace that I can give to one of my daughters down the road.† The necklace is also nice and long.† At thirty six inches there are a wide variety of ways it can be worn.†

Itís Not Perfect

At the end of the day, this necklace is not selling for its original asking price of over a thousand dollars so I do not expect perfection.† This is a good thing, anyone who thinks that good quality pearls are perfect needs to read up on the quality guidelines for them.† Good pearls have minor marks and may not be perfectly round but these issues are not seen unless looking at them very closely.† The clasp can be a little tricky to work but unless you are wrapping it, you can simply drop it over your head and skip the clasp altogether.†

What Others Say
Rocky says, ďCompare the "quality" "size" and "color" of these pearls to those
in your neighborhood jewelry store then compare the Price!
You will do as I did and "click" buy it and your wife will just love you for them. I promise!Ē
The Final WordÖ

I was never a fan of pearls but as I get older I can see the beauty in them and this necklace was a definite eye opener.† I would buy this pearl necklace because the price is phenomenal and pearls are a stunning shade of pink.† This would also make a very nice anniversary or birthday gift for the lady of the home or for a mother or grandmother at Christmas or Motherís Day.† Even those who are not fans of pearls could see the beauty in this piece of jewelry.
Date Reviewed: May 15, 2012, 8:53 am
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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