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You do not have to buy the product to test it. Just download the free versiion and test it out as long as you like.


I think the help section could be more user friendly and more easily explainable about finding content and how and where its being posted. I found this to be confusing and harder to understand how to use this product.


CurationSoft is a product that I recommend for use for adding credible content to your website. You do not have to post everyday, just find good quality content to curate and add to your site.

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Evan75 : I am recently new to the Internet Marketing business and have found that there a...Member Reputation 93 • 15 active Krits
CurationSoft from Jack Humphrey
CurationSoft Review
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CurationSoft- How Does It Your Website?

What Is CurationSoft?

CurationSoft is a content curation company formed by Jack Humphrey. CurationSoft is an application that is downloaded to your computer. This application allows the user to share specific information from the best articles, videos, and photographs without all the problems associated with researching topics. Generally there is a process of having to go through the bad before finding the good. CurationSoft takes care of this process for you. CurationSoft takes the work out of doing this process.

What is Content Curation?

Content curation is starting to become a popular for websites owners to deliver relevant information to their readers. What is curation you ask? Curation is a way of delivering relevant content from different sources on a specific topic from the web. Content curators find and deliver good information to their readers. People find this to be an advantage when following someone that keeps them up to date on new information in that niche. Thatís because having relevant information in one place saves time and resources that could be applied elsewhere.

There are a lot of original articles created each day on the web. Sometimes we don't have the time to actually put together an original article, video, or photo. Curation allows you to go on the web and find useful information in your market. The blogger is then able to incorporate the information into their website.

This is where CurationSoft helps the process of having quality content on your website. This software allows bloggers to fully implement the discovery, review, and curation of material for their purpose.

Features of CurationSoft

There are two versions of CurationSoft that can be used. The free version allows the user to test the application out and is limited by some of the things you are able to do. However you still can get a good feel for how this program can work for you. The second version is simply an upgraded payable version that covers all the features in this program.

The pro version is only fifty nine dollars and you can license up to three computers with this license. This price is a onetime yearly renewable fee. Whereas only one source is provided through the free version, eight comes with the paid version. One feature I find to be extremely important is the copyright protection attached to this program. There is no fear of copyright infringement through third party platforms. CuraionSoft content is generated only through their application.

Giving your website the ability to generate more backlinks through CurationSoft is another feature that comes with this program. Each time you use content generated there is pingback to your site that creates a pingback. If your pingback is accepted by the new site then it creates a link by to your website. Just link to websites when they have useful information you want to share. Using the back linking techniques gives your site better ranking in the search engines.

The application allows for drag and drop so you do not have copy and paste content to your website. You can post anywhere. The process works on Wordpress platforms and full HTML procedures for search engine readability.

CurationSoft allows you total control over the look, feel and content from where you curate and gives you the final choice on your curation. This program allows users to search, review, and curate from websites such as Google Blog, Google News, YouTube, and Flickr.

Conclusion about CurationSoft

CurationSoft is as good as advertised and is a quality tool that will provide marketers with good useful content to curate on their websites. There are many features to like about CurationSoft and only by test driving will you begin to understand the full potential of using this program in your work.†

Date Reviewed: July 16, 2012, 10:25 am
Reviewed by evan75
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