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Easy to use and operate, great results, quality build. Good finish reported by customers and good value price.


No variable speed function and small dust bag mean this is not ideal for professional use. Some reports that it is noisy.


Excellent buy for most home use.

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Dewalt 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander from Dewalt
DEWALT D26451K Orbit Sander
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Full Review: DEWALT D26451K Orbit Sander (5 inch, 3 amp)

Buying tools for use in the home can be bewildering.

So many choices, so many brands.

So it's good to know that Dewalt is a trusted manufacturer of quality professional products.

And the Dewalt 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander with Cloth Dust Bag ticks all the boxes for general purpose user.

For just $59, you get a 3-amp motor operating at 'ideal sanding speed for smooth finish'. The machine is ergonomically designed for ease of use and control whilst sanding. Plus a 'high-capacity' dust bag with built in vacuum adaptor, this product is built to deliver smooth, clean finishes.

It's a solidly-built with a variable-speed (7,000-12,000 RPM) motor and it comes with a three year warranty, one year's free service and a 90 day money back guarantee.
5-inch random orbit sanders are very popular products, operating with swirl-less patterns to avoid scratching, plus dust collection to keep sawdust away from your surface, and easy hook-and-loop fasteners for connecting the disks to the sander's pad.
The 'random orbit' motion feature is designed to prevent unsightly marks whilst still delivering the goods - removing that lumpy paint, for example. The sander has an inbuilt system to control pad speed which helps to minimize gouging.

But a good finish also depends on how well you're able to control your sander, and here the Dewalt product excels.

'This machine is not heavy and is easy to use,' said one retired lady. 'I was pleased with the results when cleaning up a huge porch. There are no sand marks because of the random-orbit rotation.'

With textured anti-slip and body grip you will be comfortable even during extended periods of work. The product weighs just 3.4 pounds and comes with it's own carrying case.

Another notable feature is the sander's dust-sealed switch and sealed construction which help keep dust and debris away from the internal workings of the sander, ensuring longer life.

And it does appear to be a durable product.

'I estimate that I ran this unit for over 30 hours a week for three months without a break when removing heavy textured paint from the plaster walls of my 1890's Victorian house.' said one customer. 'I still have it and it works fine.'

The sander accepts different kinds of paper and allows sanding disks to be switched quickly and easily. However be warned that some types of paper can be expensive, so check your options.

Plus, 'Convenient, Integrated Dust Management.'

The manufacturers advertise a 'high capacity dust bag' however users have also discovered that the dust collector is best suited for small jobs, as it needs emptying frequently and the dust port tends to get clogged - possibly because the airflow through the dust port was less than expected.
And some users reported that the sander was 'a bit noisy'.
However for the average user this is a great option.

'I have been using the sander everyday since I got it,' said one buyer. 'It works beautifully with little effort. For example, I sanded a small bookshelf in about 15 minutes-awesome!'

'I am liking this sander better than any I have ever owned,' said another.

You should be aware that it doesn't have the power of larger sanders, and there is no variable speed, but you are still purchasing the impressive attention to detail and quality of build associated with Dewalt.

'I really like the storage bag it came with,' said one user.

'Its small size made it very easy to control,' said another.

For the home user, and especially for people who may struggle with the weight of a larger sander, this is a great machine
Date Reviewed: April 5, 2012, 5:24 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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