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Long lasting lithium batteries which recharge quickly. Lightweight, compact yet powerful tool. Reliable company.


Some issues with slippage in the chuck.


Combines great features at a good price. Recommended.

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Dewalt DCD775KL A Cordless Hammer Drill from Dewalt
DEWALT DCD775KL A Hammer Drill
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Now we all need an electric drill of some sort around the home.

But which one, with which features?

If you'll be tackling drilling projects in tougher materials, such as masonry, stone and concrete then the Dewalt DCD775KL-A 1/2-Inch 18-Volt Compact Lithium-Ion Hammer Drill Kit with Accessory Set could be the perfect solution.

For $194.95 you get a cordless hammer drill with a well-rounded assemblage of tools and accessories. With dual-speed range and a light and compact design, this is a user-friendly yet powerful tool which comes with its own 37 piece screw and nut driver bit set. 

'A must-have for any job site or professional shop,' say the manufacturers.

Another big plus of this product is the two long-lasting compact lithium-ion batteries that deliver high speed rotation as well as rapid fire blows. The batteries recharge in as little as 30 minutes so you never need to be without power. These batteries are compatible with any existing Dewalt 18 Volt power tools. 

The drill is lightweight - only 3.1 lbs - but can handle the most demanding fastening jobs, including tightening large hex-head bolts, loosening stubborn lug nuts, and power-driving the 'longest, fattest lag screws imaginable.' 

Being lightweight and compact it can not only work in spaces too tight for other impact drivers, it also minimizes user fatigue.

'Work all day without excessive strain on wrists and hands.'

Power tool users tend to be loyal to one brand, and Dewalt certainly has its fans. Many people who bought this drill were upgrading from older Dewalt tools and so could make a direct comparison.

'This one gets [the job] done just was well and it is lighter and easier to hold,' said one buyer. 'The clutch seems easier to change then my old one and it is nice to see that it still has a metal chuck. The little LED light comes in handy... and the other improvement is the lithium battery, if you have not charged it in a while and you pick up the drill, it is ready to go. It does not lose a charge when it sits idle like my old Dewalt did! Nice.'

The batteries get a lot of praise.

'The lithium batteries are awesome,' said one customer. 'No lag or drag, power to drill is kept at 100% until the battery is almost completely drained.'

'30-min charger! Awesome!' said another. 'With my old cordless drill, if my battery died, I'd have to wait hours on end (6hrs easily) for a full charge.'

'The lithium batteries are really a great improvement,' added another homeowner. 

And this is not the only feature which garners praise.

'The compact size makes it great to get into tighter spaces without compromising the angle of approach,' said one customer.

'When I received this drill I was surprised at how much lighter it was than my 10 year old drill... about 1 to 1.5 lbs lighter, when using a drill all day on the house, this makes a big difference. The 18 Volt Power is plenty as well. The kit comes with 2 batteries, so I just keep one on the charger while I am using the other.' 

And performance is good too - which is important when you consider that lots of customers use these tools professionally, working them hard day after day.

'This product performs better than expected. It is light and powerful. In less than 2 weeks I used this for hundreds of pilot holes, wood screws and even as a portable auger for planting. Similar to other complaints, I did find a couple of times where the bit loosened and fell out of the chuck,' said one customer.

'This is an improvement area,' he continued, 'but it never really slowed me down enough not to love this product.'

And this was the only complaint I found about this product - slippage in the chuck.

'Drilled 15 holes through 3/4" pine and after driving 14 drywall screws 1.25" into pine studs the chuck started slipping. It feels like the clutch is slipping and this is even at the heaviest setting. I can hold the chuck by hand and it just chatters.'

But having said that this drill received 54 five star reviews on Amazon, it does seem to be a very reliable and well made product.

'I've done a lot of shopping around and found this at a great price and absolutely love it,' said one buyer. 'My friends watch with envy.'

The extensive 37 piece set included comes in its own heavy-duty case and the pieces are constructed using an advanced hardening process. So you never have to worry about torque or driving power. 

'Would I buy it again?' said one customer.

The answer was an unequivocal, 'Yes.'
Date Reviewed: April 24, 2012, 5:16 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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