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Lots of great features: 16 track sequencer 10 pad, 16-bit drum machine 4 octave 16-bit keyboard 1000's of pro sounds Bonus Kits Educational Training tutorial 60 Day Full Money Back Guarantee


Takes up lots of RAM space, you may need a computer upgrade to use, particularly if you are on a Mac.


The product has a lot to offer. It was well thought out with the goal of giving the customer the opportunity to produce professional quality music that could be resold. It seems like the real deal, and with a 60 day money back guarantee, it can't hurt.

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DUBturbo from DUBturbo - Digital Music Production
DUBturbo Review
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DUBturbo 2.0 (Beats & Music Loop Software) REVIEW - Worth buying?

Dubturbo is a downloadable software application that gives you everything you need to produce broadcast quality, digital music in minutes.  The tag line states "You'll Be Making Pro Beats Fast & Easy Starting Today" and "Make Rap, Hiphop, R&B, Reggae, House, Jungle and any Genre!"
What makes them so good?

  • DUBturbo uses 44.1 stereo all the way through your beat building and exporting process.

    • Definition: 44.1 refers to 44.1kHz a sampling frequency used by professionals when constructing analog audio recordings.  These samples reconstruct the same signal when played back and this is the sampling rate used in compact discs.

    • Function: Creates sound at the frequency it will be played back to avoid loss of quality in the sound.

    • Definition: 16 bit.wav file. - uncompressed 16 bit.wav contains 44,100 samples per second and 16 bits per sample. Experts use the uncompressed 16 bit.wav format for maximum audio quality.

  • DUBturbo allows you to grow your beat count and timeline to 16 and 32 bars.

  • Downloading to desktop gets you broadcast quality every time.  Other beatmakers are internet based resulting in delays from inconsistent online internet speeds and they use compressed .mp3 files which decreases your sound quality. 

  • Hardware and software is much less expensive than studio.  DUBturbo bridges a gap to bring you quality beats to your keyboard.

  • Hands on instructions on how to sell your beats!

  • Three easy to use panels to make your beats;
    • sequencer:canvas, intuitive, fast and live,
    • Beat machine: amazing drum kits, effects, ad-libs,
    • 4 Octave Keyboard: place to drop your melodies chords and other samples. 
Change the sound easily and top they will provide top quality images aimed at modern and traditional sound types.

  • Full video training course is included on how to make great beats in any genre.

  • Set up your computer keyboard to be identical to an instrument keyboard!

Their GUARANTEE? You will be making the best beats you have ever made within the hour.

What are users saying?

One user said it is very user friendly with the help of the tutorial and that he was making beats in a few minutes.  He also said you can draw and trigger sounds from your own keyboard, export from a CD and mix in some additional sounds to make a new song.  You can save your music in many file extensions such as .mp4, mpeg, .wmv.  Also the 60 day money back guarantee was considered a huge plus.

On the downside, users said it still has a few bugs because it is newly released software.  It also needs a lot of RAM space

There were also complaints from a user with an older Mac, citing that while the software says it is compatible with PC and MAC, it needed Adobe Air to operate and this is not supported on the Macs.  The problem was resolved when he upgraded to a Mac with an Intel

Another positive reviewer said very easy to use and with 1000's of pro sounds and bonus kits.  They were extremely pleased with the product giving it a 10/10.  "I researched just about every software of this type available. I found by firsthand experience that this is the best deal around today. If you are just now getting into music production or if you are a seasoned vet this would be the best investment you could make."


The beauty of this product is really the buyer has nothing to lose by buying it and trying it.  They offer a 60 day money back guarantee, that was substantiated, great customer service, and a great product.  These guys seem to really be working for their customer and respecting their needs to bring them the best possible product and teaching them to use it.   Users raved about the ease of use, the great sound quality and the incredible range of features that allow you to produce professional beats.

Date Reviewed: November 30, 2011, 1:31 am
Reviewed by marilee
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