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Concise, relevant information, step by step advice on how to minimize the damage of a DUI on your persona life


Information may be freely available if you're prepared to do your own research.


Recommended for anxiety reduction and clear advice.

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No one wants to hear the words 'Driving Under the Influence.'

Do the letters DUI fill you with anxiety and regret?

The regret is all yours, unfortunately, but DUI Process may be able to help you with the anxiety.

Because once you are the subject of a DUI order you may be having to deal with all sorts of attendant problems such as the loss of your licence, a huge insurance bill, employment issues and a criminal record.

But you can, according to DUI Process, 'Get your Drivers Licence back.'
 They promise, with this downloadable package, that they can outline 'simple, step by step actions you can take today to clear your DUI record, get your Drivers License back, no matter what state you're in.'

(Physical state, that is, not metaphoric!).

And there is no doubt that this is a convoluted, tricksy area of the law. And most of us aren't lawyers and so have no idea where to start and what our rights are. 

DUI Process is backed by a 'mountain' of legal research, and 'proven results.'

This is especially critical if you have recently been pulled over. You need to learn how to protect yourself, your driving privilege and your future.

According to DUI Process there is immediate action you must take to save your license and minimize damage to your personal life.

Don't get anxious, they say. Get focused.

Now of course you could go to a lawyer for help but don't even think about how much that might cost you. DUI process claim to have the know-how to help you clear your DUI arrest or conviction, pass employment and background checks and get cheap (or at least cheaper) SR-22 insurance.

Or maybe you have an older DUI conviction on your record? 'Most people don't realize that you can clear your DUI record completely,' they say. Even if you live in a state that doesn't allow formal clearing of the record you'll still be able to keep it from showing up on background checks.

According to DUI Process you can significantly minimize the damage done by your DUI record, by following the specific steps outlined in their manual.

Now lets be clear - the information in this manual won't be off assistance in serious cases, for example if your offense is related to vehicular manslaughter, if your DUI is in addition to felony drug charges or involves extensive property damage and/or severe accident or injury.

This manual is primarily for people with old convictions which could, potentially be cleared; or for people who have been pulled over with no accident or injury involved.

Included is an explanation of how records are kept and how you can limit sharing; strategies to get you legally re-licensed; forms for expungement; how to exploit lack of communication between agencies, and steps you can take to limit raising of insurance premiums.

DUI Process include many endorsements on their website from people who say they have been helped by the package. 

'My new license, and peace of mind, is worth much more to me than the cost of your manual,' said one.

'You saved me thousands on insurance alone during my SR 22 time period,' said another.

The manual costs $38.95.

So what do independent commentators think about this purchase? Is it worth it?

Well, all agree that there are some 'good tips' included. 

'This manual has a full explanation of DUI law and DUI record clearing,' said one commentator.

So you are getting good information, concisely packaged (without having to pay a lawyer!).

Another argues that the information included is 'readily available' however it's doubtful whether the specific information you need is all in one place and quite possible that your anxiety levels will be further raised by Google-ing on 'DUI'

And everyone's situation is different. As one forum commentator noted, the DUI Process Manual, 'explains exactly how to clear or significantly minimize your DUI record no matter what state you're located in.'

Unless your situation is very straightforward, he continues. 'I suggest you get a copy of DUI Process Manual.'

Good advice. Along with 'Don't Drink & Drive'!
Date Reviewed: March 14, 2012, 3:49 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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