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If you are a keen stock market trader, subscribe to this newsletter for a 30-day trial, considering the extensive market experience of the man behind the newsletter.

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Daily Market Advantage from Daily Market Advantage
Daily Market Advantage Review
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Daily Market Advantage (Stocks & Options Analysis) REVIEW

If you are an independent trader in the stocks and options markets, you are likely to be acutely aware of how volatile these markets can be, and how difficult it can be to survive and make money in these markets (depending on the actual investment though – Wal-Mart and J&J are stable and consistent investments). The problem with being an individual trader is that you lack the necessary time and may not have sufficient enough resources to perform a comprehensive market analysis in order to make profitable trades.

That brings us to the key question of what tools you can use to reduce your risk in the stocks and options markets, and improve your chances of making winning entries and exits. Daily Market Advantage is one such tool that is readily available to assist individual traders like you make profitable trades. You can leave all the technical analysis and complex predictions in a fluctuating market to the system, and simply perform trades in accordance with the tips and guidance it provides you every trading day.

What do you get?

Daily Market Advantage provides you a daily market newsletter with strategies and tips on stocks and options for the day’s trade. The newsletter is sent directly to your email Inbox, and you can pick and choose the trades advised in the newsletter, or use it as additional information and combine it with your own trading analysis.

This newsletter is brought out by Dave Vallieres, who is recognized for his market foresight and sharp trading strategies. Dave’s strength lies in options trading, but he provides broad based analysis covering various markets and asset classes, which makes this newsletter suitable for a variety of trading approaches.

What’s the track record?

Before you subscribe to any paid stock newsletter, it helps to learn something about the person or the team that you are betting your money on. Dave Vallieres has an extensive experience spanning decades of analyzing the stock markets. He is one of the few traders who was able to make money both from the March 2009 market lows as well as the subsequent rally. His stock market analyses and commentaries are well documented in the archives of his website. You can access these files when you subscribe to his newsletter. He offers you a 30-day trial, which will give you a fair idea of whether to follow Dave’s advice and place your bets on him.

It seems if you prefer gambling and taking on more risk, taking Dave’s advice seems to be an oxymoron. Working with Dave is investing with Dave and using his knowledge and intuitiveness is not prone to risk but based on a meticulous and consistent winning strategy.

Dave performs in-depth technical analysis across various markets, which helps improve your winning chances in these highly unpredictable and volatile markets. Daily Market Advantage also has its own proprietary market indicator called MarketDNA, which Dave uses to your benefit. He also provides exclusive commentary on Dow, S&P, Nasdaq, VIX, ETFs, and individual stocks. He has an excellent track record of estimating the most profitable entry and exit positions in specific stocks. He is known for his analytical ability and experience in short and long term options plays.

What are others saying?

Third party reviewers are almost unanimous in their review and endorsement of Daily Market Advantage. Very few independent responses are available, but they too are highly favorable. A user at says: “Make profitable trades regardless of the stock market going up or not.” Another user at says: "Daily market advantage is one of the best investments I have ever made and I recommend it to anyone looking for guide that really works."

Date Reviewed: December 17, 2011, 11:50 am
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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