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The abiliy to earn a college degree with flexibility.

May not be viewed as an accredited degree by potential employers.

Definitely worth consideration, especially for those requiring a specialized class schedule.

DegreeChemistry - Tuning the Page on Online Education

Is all online education created equally? The simple answer is no. has brought attention to the struggle between faux certification and those holding actual significance.

Gone are the days where a high school diploma was sufficient enough to thrive in the working world. The trades, specifically, were notorious for hiring employees on the spot without so much as experience in the desired industry. The modern way of living requires extensive knowledge within the parameters of any given field.

Where does one achieve such accreditation? Glad you asked.

Without getting too complicated, the options for post-secondary education includes three levels – elite universities (think: ivy-covered buildings), traditional campuses, including trade programs (less expensive, less notoriety) and internet-based learning (once thought to be nothing more than hocus-pocus). Continued growth in technology has helped in reshaping the way we once learned. 

Technology has filtered its way through every aspect of our education system.

“ is an education lead portal operated by Hybryd Ads. The portal was built with both students and schools best interest in mind.”

If we look at the pros of online education, the obvious advantage is flexibility. DegreeChemistry builds it program around its students rather than the reverse. It prides itself on their accredited, lifestyle-friendly curriculum while not sacrificing content or materials. Digging further into the option of DegreeChemistry, the ease of education unravels.

Walking the tightrope between global economic hardship and the need for post-secondary certification of some sort, DegreeChemistry appears to be the solution to the additional costs that students of all ages are facing today. The ongoing conversation of soaring gas prices weaves its way through every facet of living. This includes transportation to and from school, regardless of usage of transit or carpool. 

As for class and material availability, it’s next to impossible to land both at the same time. It becomes an either/or kind of situation. Freshmen are shocked into reality when they’re met with their unkind class schedule of early mornings and late evenings. Combine the former with the hunt for pre-owned-less-expensive books and learning has become tiresome before it’s even begun.

“Students are matched to schools based on what's important to them and their educational environment. Schools receive individuals that fit their universities culture and are excited about enrolment”

While online learning isn’t for everyone, we’ve seen an increase in internet classes offered by those ivy-covered universities as well. 

Though a degree earned via internet may continue to raise eyebrows from future employers, others may see it as an advantage from the technology standpoint. It might be time to put aside our preconceived notions of what we were once familiar with. With everything else changing, the way we learn has to as well.

Unlike a lot of online-only post-secondary educational systems, DegreeChemistry doesn’t discriminate in its scholarly levels. Learning value is placed on the angles from certification to doctoral, allowing student growth and academic achievement in all areas. 

The answer to the importance of education is, obviously, rhetorical. We’re all educated enough to know it is.

Date Reviewed: September 29, 2011, 6:42 pm
Reviewed by melissamac
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