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Great ergonomic, strong and modern hardware


The big screen is a big consumer


If you don't mind having only at about 2 hour battery, don't work with HD videous and like ergonomic I totally recommend this laptop.

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Dell Inspiron 5720 Silver from Dell
Dell Inspiron 5720 Review
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And comfort and Ivy Bridge to you laptop experience

I took this laptop basically for it's new Intel platform Ivy Bridge, but then I decided that the comfort using characteristic should be put first

Having the latest hardware for some time is not a priority for buying a laptop these days. There are two reasons for that. First is that the modern processors and the equipment that that comes with them is not enough  for most of the jobs that you want to do on your laptop, even if you start a few of the simultaneously. So, if you're not a 3D designer or you don't  process a ton of HD video material daily, the choice of what is inside the housing isn't that much important. The second reason for for negligence of the hardware configuration is that the difference between the processors of different generations has become very small, so you can only notice them in a laboratory with high surveillance equipment.

Because of that all the other characteristic become more important while buying a laptop. One of the important things is the comfort while working – if you are going to spend a lot of time on it, it is important to fell good. Because of that you will need a bigger screen, a quality keyboard, a small or no heating, also a comfortable material that won't irritate you by touching. All that is mentioned you will find in the Dell, model Inspiron 5720. This manufacture included 2.1 speakers, which bring a pleasant felling while working, and as a bonus you will find the Ivy Bridge Intel processor, so besides everything else you will get the newest technology DOSTUPNU to the mobile platforms. Charming, right?

Inspiron 5720 will surprise you even more with the chosen Operating System – instead of Windows or not so much used FreeDOS, on the hard disk will be waiting  the Ubuntu Linux version 11.10. Dell is one of the most attractive partners from Canonicala which develop this Linux distribution, so their laptops are frequently equipped with Ubuntu.

Someone will find this OS perfect, other will need Windows, so think about the extra expenses if you are in this group. Ubuntu 11.10. isn't the newest version, it's on the market for a few months and the 12.04. version is out, but the update procedure isn't complicated, so you can easily solve this problem, even though the 11.10 version is also good.

It is interesting to see how Dell made a fix on the Bluetooth driver that was made in the original hibernate state, so the cooperation of these two companies isn't just on the paper. All in all, the experience using Ubuntu Linux if positive – it's quite good that the most part of the software (like the PDF reader and etc.) are already ready for use.

Let's go back to the Ivy Bridge hardware, in fact the new 22nm processor marked Intel Core i5-3210M. You can find more details about it in a different text but I will here only tell you about isn't consumption , I mean what I concluded during the testing of the Dell Inspiron 5720.

Intel says with a small consumption as one of the key characteristics of the new Ivy Bridge (besides the advanced build in graphic core), but judging by this test it won't make much difference to the buyers. I mean the power consumption of these is much less than the Sandy Bridge (the previous generation of Core processors), and in praxis the things are totally different.

The standard DivX that shows that the battery from the Dell Inspiron 5720 is about 2 hour and 29 minutes, which is the average for a 17-inch laptop, saw before the Ivy Bridge technology. Of course that doesn't mean that the processor isn't frugal, but the usage depends from other components which in this case use too much.

Rationally thinking on the big screen, beside which the power use of the processor can't have a different effect because of the battery (which is also an important part of the laptop).

If we sum up the experience with the Dell Inspiron 5720, we can conclude that we are dealing with a high quality laptop with a good 17-inch screen. The ergonomic is great, also like the hardware characteristics – from the processors side of view this laptop if quite powerful.


Intel Core_i7_3612QM Processor 2.1GHz
1000GB 5400rpm Hard Drive
17-Inch Screen
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Date Reviewed: September 25, 2012, 2:03 pm
Reviewed by greenspid
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