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Dermology anti-ageing kit from Dermology
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Dermology Anti-Wrinkle Cream REVIEW - Is it the Real Deal?

'The last skin care system you will ever need'
That's the claim that Dermology makes for their anti-wrinkle cream, and, you would think, a huge relief if it is true.
But within the bewildering world of anti-wrinkle technology, this is unlikely, just because new products come on to the market daily and the art and science of skin care will continue to have millions of dollars poured into it.
After all, who doesn't want to look younger?
The claims Dermology make are impressive. 
This unique product, they say, can 'not only postpone, it can even eliminate the need for injections or cosmetic surgery.'
Just like Revitol's Anti-Aging Solution ointment.
This is a world where people 'need' cosmetic surgery, but notwithstanding that disclaimer, there's no doubt that 'appearance lines', wrinkles, sagging skin, age-spots, under-eye dark circles, puffiness and 'feather' lips do make us look older - hence the proliferation of skin-care regimes.
So, how does Dermology's product work?
It works at a cellular level to firm skin, relax muscle fibers, and promote collagen.

And the magic ingredient is one you may have heard of: resveratrol. A powerful substance  found in the skin of red grape and in red wine. 
Hit the bottle! I hear you say. Not recommended by doctors... However resveratrol itself has been flagged as useful in dealing with obesity and diabetes.
More importantly it has been shown to reduce inflammation. 
But the phrasing is vague. 'Research on Resveratrol Dermology revealed that it achieved notably high averages on all required criteria'

Unlike the promotion: Dermology's product has been heavily advertised on CNN, Fox and NBC as well as a host of beauty magazines and a featured on Oprah as 'one of the top anti-wrinkle products for women.'
Unsurprising: in such an overcrowded market, it takes a lot of waving to get noticed.
And Dermology is a well-established company with a good reputation.
'Beautiful skin can be yours,' they say. 'Begin seeing a difference in just a few weeks.'
'A miracle worker in a jar'
'My face just seemed brighter, healthier, and more alive,' said one user (quoted on the product website). 

Another reviewer said that even her husband noticed! 
And another (sponsored) website cites Dermology Anti-Ageing cream as it's No.1 anti-wrinkle product.
No wonder, 'plastic surgeons are worried sick about this new skin-care option slashing their business' (quoted from the Dermology website)
Prices range from $49.99 to $149.99 depending on which offer you take up - so search around for deals.
And there's a money-back guarantee and free trial available.
So what about the science?
The key structural component of skin is collagen, a protein. With age, collagen production slows down, affecting the skin structure and allowing wrinkles to develop.
Quality anti-wrinkle creams should target both collagen and the leaking blood vessels that cause darkening of the skin, especially under the eyes. 
Dermology targets both of these issues.

However I found it difficult to find genuine, unsponsored feedback on this product. 
One website said that, 'reviews for Dermology’s Anti Aging Formula [are] very positive, with people impressed with the results they were getting.'
But the reviews and sources themselves were not quoted.
And the science emphasizes basic damage-prevention.
Protect your skin from the sun. Sun exposure is the No. 1 reason for signs of aging in the skin, including uneven pigmentation. Use sunscreen on exposed skin when outdoors, even in winter.

So check for built-in sunscreen in all skincare products.
Use moisturizers. Don't smoke. Eat a healthy diet. 
'While genetic factors play some part in the overall ageing process, lifestyle has a much greater impact,' said dermatologist Dr Nicholas Lowe (Royal Society of Medicine). 
So can creams really repair the damage?
It is true that the ingredients found within many anti-ageing products have proven effects on the skin. 
Vitamin, Vitamin C, AHAs all have good effects.
In theory then, creams containing these substances should work to some degree.

I would have been happier if Dermology was reviewed on some of the independent websites.
And it is clear that (as with all anti-ageing creams) you have to keep using it to maintain the effects.
But along with other preventative measures, Dermology's cream could certainly be a good alternative to 'needing' cosmetic surgery.
I recommend Dermology.
Date Reviewed: October 28, 2011, 4:28 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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