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You'll receive customized meal plans to help you lose weight. The eBook comes with many resources--such as a journal, shopping lists, and recipes.


The science surrounding the book's "metabolic type" theory isn't true, according to diet experts. Don't expect flexibility with this plan; you can only eat the foods on the diet's pre-approved list.


It's inflexible, but it's well liked by consumers, who say it does work for weight loss.

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The Diet Solution from Isabel De Los Rios
Diet Solution Review
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The Diet Solution by Isabel De Los Rios - REVIEW

So you've been gaining weight--but what's the cause?

Your local nutritionist may blame your high-calorie diet, but The Diet Solution author Isabel De Los Rios blames something else.

She calls it your body's "metabolic type," which can differ from person to person.  When you don't eat foods that fit your metabolic type, you gain weight--and when you DO eat foods that right for you, you lose weight and feel better.

It sounds remarkably similar to the Blood Type Diet--which also says you need to eat different foods to lose weight based on certain factors--but The Diet Solution is unique because it believes all people fit into three separate metabolic factors.

What is The Diet Solution?

The Diet Solution is an eBook based on the theory of metabolic types--that each of us has a different type of metabolism that responds to different foods.  According to De Los Rios, people fall one of these metabolic types: Carb, protein, or mixed.

Now here's what this means for you.  De Los Rios believes that we often eating the wrong types of foods, and by figuring out your metabolic type, you know which foods to eliminate.  If your metabolism is more likely to slow down because of carbohydrates, then you want to cut back on carbohydrates.  Conversely, if protein makes your metabolism super sluggish, you need to stop eating so much protein.

To determine which type you are, De Los Rios requires everyone to fill out a questionnaire, which determines the person's metabolic weaknesses, calorie requirements, and which foods are okay to eat.  You then receive a completed customized six-week diet plan, showing you the meals and snacks you need to eat to lose weight.

When you order the eBook, you receive all the information you need to diet the "Diet Solution" way--along with daily meal plans, shopping lists, a journal, diet-friendly recipes, and even a journal.

Issues With the Diet Solution

There are some good points about this diet--you get your own meal plans and tons of resources--but not everyone is thrilled about De Los Rios' supposedly "effective" diet plan.  A spokesman for the American Dietetic Association criticized De Los Rios for making unsubstantiated, unscientific claims about her product, specifically her claims about metabolic types.

The diet has also been criticized for being too restrictive, only allowing people to eat what she subscribes on their meal plans--nothing more, nothing less.  This type of rigidity can make it hard to use this diet for the long term, since rigid diets usually have a higher failure rate.

Still, this rigidity doesn't seem to bother most dieters, who, over the short term, say it's an effective plan--and an easy one to stick to.  Very few of them have used it as a long-term way to shed the pounds, however.

What Consumers are Saying

There's a clear trend with consumers--and it's positive.  Here's what some of them had to say about The Diet Solution:

"First impressions with this plan (that's how I am looking at it, kind of a new permanent way of eating, not a start and stop approach) - I am really quite impressed with it."

"In my case I purchased the “The Diet Solution” by Isabel de los Rios; and I have lost 22 lbs and counting.  In addition to the weight loss, I now have a healthier life style."

The fast start guide, recipes, journal, metabolism guide are just a few of the tools that have helped me lose 25 pounds in the last 60 days. This is way beyond my initial expectations.I will continue to use this program for the rest of my life and really feel like the changes I have made will be permanent."

Should You Try The Diet Solution?

The science isn't solid, but The Diet Solution lays the blueprint for successful dieting by creating a calorie deficit--and then recommending a meal plan that will lead to weight loss.  While some aspects of the diet are restrictive, many dieters say it helped make them slimmer and healthier.
Date Reviewed: February 10, 2012, 3:31 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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