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Recommended. Reviews rate it as the best software on the market for wav to MIDI conversion.

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Digital Ear Review
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Digital Ear (by Epinoisis Software) REVIEW

Remember when you had to take film to be processed? When the only place you could watch TV was at home with your TV aerial?

Ah... the digital age, what further wonders can it bring us?

Well musicians and sound recordists are taking the digitization of sound to new (audio) places... and the techies at Epinoisis Software are making it easy.

Bagpipes converted to saxophone anyone? bouzouki to guitar? 'Ethnic female voice converted to trombone?'

It's all possible with Digital Ear - the 'most accurate audio to midi converter.'

Digital Ear is a software package that can take a live or recorded solo performance (voice, or any other instrument) and convert it to a standard MIDI file. 

This file can then be played by any synthesizer with a different voice of your choice; imported into your sequencer or mixed and processed any which way you like.

The software reads all well known formats such as mp3, wma  and wave or it will accept live microphone input (so that your voice can sound like bagpipes, saxophones or piccolos...)

And the website claims that, 'only Digital Ear can capture the nuance and expressive power of the human music player or vocalist,' by capturing any vibrato, tremolo, pitch-bend or portamento effects.

This is 'state of the art' recognition, they say. 'Captures with incredible accuracy.'

And there is a host of other features in the package: real-time audio to MIDI; a voice features editor, a settings wizard which enables you to automatically find the optimal settings for a particular file; full compatibility with all known sequencers, and many more 'power tools' for even the most demanding sound engineer nerd.
The interface is good, too - clean and very friendly to use. All of the controls and easily manipulated; the model of the piano keys has shadings that make it look much more realistic than its counterparts in similar apps; and every button has a recognizable icon.
But isn't it complicated to use? No - if you have a wav file with a single melody you can open it in Digital Ear, and press the Start button. You get prompted to save it then Digital Ear begins processing the file, while displaying the MIDI notes on the keyboard graphic. That's it, you have a MIDI file. Digital Ear earns 'high marks for this simplicity factor'.
The software costs $79.95 and has a host of credible reviews published on their website - originally from respected music, software and electronic publications.

For example the Audio Buyers Guide calls it 'The best audio-to-MIDI conversion software I have found.'

Some reviewers questioned the 'scary settings' but Version 3.0 offers automatic settings, and there is general agreement that 'the quality is superb.'

'A number of features enable accurate conversion,' say Electronic Musician. 

'Sing in one end and come out as a piccolo at other. Cool!' say Music Software Monthly.

The software has an evaluation version available on the website, although it limits you to just a few seconds of recording.

This limitation makes some people suspicious, 'if they need to cripple their demo in that draconian way they must be hiding something,' says one reviewer. But even he admits that reviews agree, 'it's a useful tool.'

However another forum user says, 'I purchased Digital Ear and I really like it. It really does a good job with single note lines. You can not do chords and all Wav files must be 44,100 16 bit mono.'

So that makes the capabilities clear - and if you follow through the forum threads it seems as if no software can satisfactorily convert chords. 

'I am very pleased with the product,' says another 'and have already made some of my harmonica lines sound like tin whistle, organ and even bass. It is mind boggling in that sense.'

Boggle your mind with sound. Recommended. 
Date Reviewed: February 27, 2012, 9:49 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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